01 October 2008

Frustratingly Sad!

I feel frustared not having to obtain my own NSO Certified Birth Certificate! The deadline for submission at the Accounting Office was yesterday together with our BIR form but til now I haven't submitted it yet. I thought of lining up so early on an off day but my off day is still yet to come this week. I tried checking on the E-Census site. I don't mind paying 315 PHP for each document but I found it hard where should I pay for my request. I got a debit card but unfortunately, those paying via debit/credit cards will be charged in dollars, and it's no joke to be paying $20 (roughly 900++ PHP) for each requested doc (I requested two copies). I wanted to pay online via Union Bank but I can't get through my online account. I called up Union Bank's customer service but was informed that I should try calling again within the day. Whoa! It's really giving me a pain in the neck! I just don't know when can I accomplish this requirement.

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