07 September 2008

US Goods Made Possible from MyUS.com

When I was a kid, I often received goodies from my paternal uncle in the States. I can’t forget those chocolates and those dolls he sent especially during Christmas time. When I was in my 5th grade, I came to learn that the packages he sent us were being delivered at least a month ago so they could have been received before Christmas Day. At least those chocolates were never expired long before they arrived, lol! But really, it took time for those goodies to arrive and to think that our hometown’s postal service also experienced delayed deliveries of mails and packages to its addressees. However, things really have changed for the better as the world is facing continuous development. Now, international shipments are made available for consumers especially if loved-ones happen to reside abroad and they have stuffs to be sent to their beloved country of origin. I am glad to have come across MyUS.com website where it gave me an idea where future shipments would be handled and have them send off to my loved-ones abroad. Excellent Package Forwarding at a lower cost is their best trademark plus their Mail Forwarding Service too! Plus, what’s been a great service is their being their customers’ Personal Shopper. They can purchase your orders directly from US retailers and have them sent to you even if you don’t’ have a credit card. Interesting, isn’t it? Visit MyUS.com website now and avail of their trial membership to have your goodies delivered at your doorstep!

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