06 September 2008

Quite A Pricey Breakfast

I was on a graveyard shift duty last night and so were my friend colleagues. We agreed to meet up after work and have breakfast together. We're supposed to eat at Chowking, which is the usual food chain we ate at after our graveyard shifts but after discussing some options, we ended up choosing "Probinsya" which is situated @ the vicinity of Victoria Plaza's Car Park. Upon reaching the place, we were greeted by friendly waiters. Quite a few customers were there. When we're settled, we started peeking on the foods being served. Well, I chose their fried rice and I just can't get enough of their "pork adobo" recipe. I got "daing na bangus", "pancit lomi", and "chorizo. I also have gotten native delicacies like "maja blanca", "biko", "kutchinta", and "biko". The "minatamis na saging" and the "pinaypay na saging" also feasted my eyes but I got no more room for them in my stomach. We left "Probinsya" past 10:00 AM with our 125 PHP worth the cost! :)

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