02 September 2008

On Getting An HSBC Credit Card

I didn't intend to get a credit card since I became aware about it. My sister even gave me a Citibank suppmentary card but I only used it when purchasing my Sketchers pair of shoes. When I have fully paid everything, I never had the courage to use it after. But lately, I have changed my mind. Perhaps I am just too attached with the thought of getting my own personal laptop which I think would take months or even a year if I get to save money for it. Dugay sad! It is for that instance that I tried my luck in applying for an HSBC Mabuhay Visa credit card online. Supposedly, my sister suggested that I accomplished the form she had but because I was too lazy to submit it to their branch office here in Davao, I decided to have it online. Last week, I applied online but a few days after, I kinda lost hope because I got no financial documents to send to. Besides, I was quite disappointed that my ITR would not qualify because my gross annual income didn't appear on it. Fortunately, an HSBC representative called up just an hour ago for verification purposes. Well, whatever is the outcome of it, either approve or disapprove, I'm gonna take it. :) But am wishing it would get its approval. :)

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