26 September 2008

My NCCC Visit And Reunion with Friends

Because of my disappointment of not getting my purpose served at the National Statistics Office, I headed to NCCC Magsaysay, one of Davao's famous superstore which happened to be my former employer too. I did windowshopping and have laid my eyes over some fascinating bags and shirts. Then I thought of visiting my friend and the work area where I was before. It's nice visiting them and the place. I spent more than two hours just chatting with former colleagues. I did have a great time with them. When it's about dinner time, my friend and I, plus our other close friend, dined @ Mandarin Tea Garden. We spent the night just chatting, chatting, and chatting. We went home almost 10pm with our already filled stomachs. :) It's really awesomely nice to have spent time with close friends!

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