17 September 2008

My Fave Kid into SMS

I am missing my niece. It's been months, exactly 4 months, since the last time I saw her. The other day, I told my mom to have her send me a text message using my mom's cellphone. Well, I was glad she did it. What I really like about her sending me a message is that she's not like any kind of texter who used to misspell words to its message. She'd rather have her messages correctly spelled which I truly appreciate since it is much of help to a third grader like her. With that, I did try my best not to misspell anything.

Here's the flow of our conversation:
Niece: Hello. How are you? I miss you!
Me: I miss you too! How are you doing?
Niece: I'm fine. Thank you. How about you?
Me: I'm good. How's school?
Niece: It's okay.
Me: What are you doing now?
Niece: I am watching Dyosa (a primetime program @ ABS-CBN).
Me: Why do you love to watch Dyosa?
Niece: Because it is beautiful.
Me: Okay. You better sleep early after watching TV.
Niece: Yes, tita!
Me: I have to sleep now. I still need to wake up early for work. Good Night baby!
Niece: Good Night too!

Cute aight? Well, it's really the thought that counts. I just missed her! Can't wait to see her and treat her out. :)

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