20 September 2008

Friday Escapades

I had a wonderful Friday yesterday. I spent it wonderfully with friends and my siblings. Apart from having been set as my off duty, it was also my brother's 30+ something birthday. I thought I won't be able to spend it with friends too cos dinner with siblings has already been set at 7pm. It was a blessing in disguise that my presence was required in the hospital which led me to be out of the house a bit earlier as planned. I was like annoyed at first because it's supposedly an off day for me but I really needed to be there to fulfill an unfinished task. After having the task accomplished together with a colleague friend, we finally decided to just loiter along the mall. We invited some friends to be with us. After a series of window shops and shedding extra time at the mall's recreation area, we finally decided to satisfy our stomach with delicious pizzas @ Pizza Hut. It was about past 7pm when I left the mall and proceeded to where we gonna eat our dinner. My siblings and I had our dinner at Penong's along Ilustre Street and agreed to engage in a videoke session after satisfying our stomachs. We spent ample time singing our hearts out and went home past 1:00 AM. Indeed, I had a great wonderful time yesterday!:)

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