28 September 2008

Are We Just ChoiceLESS?

Have you ever been trapped in a situation where you are left with no choices at all? Have you tried being given an ultimatum and that choosing to disobey what has been set before you would mean a punishment for choosing your own way?

Yesterday, I have witnessed how a friend succumb from this dilemma. She still submitted herself to a superior's demand even if it's against her will. She tried to lay down her cards, expressed her right and said her valid reasons, still her voice was unheard. I could feel the pain she's into, having to grab a choice that is definitely not her liking.

With that, I came to immerse myself in her situation. It's achingly sad to note that humans as we are, there would eventually be instances where we are left with no choices at all. I knew how painful and hurting it could be but those in power have become unmindful of our own feelings.

It is really achingly sad that this happens.

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