30 September 2008

Living A Life

I seem to get tired easily these days. Perhaps this has been brought about by the job that I have. I simply can't relax anytime I want to because I am required to be flexible with my skeds. I am still positive though. No matter how busy and tired I am, I just need to get used to it. I mean, this is my way of living my own life. I'd rather get busy than having to do nothing at all.

28 September 2008

Are We Just ChoiceLESS?

Have you ever been trapped in a situation where you are left with no choices at all? Have you tried being given an ultimatum and that choosing to disobey what has been set before you would mean a punishment for choosing your own way?

Yesterday, I have witnessed how a friend succumb from this dilemma. She still submitted herself to a superior's demand even if it's against her will. She tried to lay down her cards, expressed her right and said her valid reasons, still her voice was unheard. I could feel the pain she's into, having to grab a choice that is definitely not her liking.

With that, I came to immerse myself in her situation. It's achingly sad to note that humans as we are, there would eventually be instances where we are left with no choices at all. I knew how painful and hurting it could be but those in power have become unmindful of our own feelings.

It is really achingly sad that this happens.

27 September 2008

He's 5 Peso Richer Today!

Oh yes! The PUJ driver is five peso richer today! He got my fare almost doubled. I was expecting a 12-peso change from my twenty-peso bill but I was only given 7php as my change. When I counted the change after I got out from the jeep, I later realized that the it was nowhere in sight. I really thought that we are now experiencing a moral recovery deep within ourselves but with what I have experienced from that guiltless PUJ driver, it still is not working out. *sighs*

26 September 2008

My NCCC Visit And Reunion with Friends

Because of my disappointment of not getting my purpose served at the National Statistics Office, I headed to NCCC Magsaysay, one of Davao's famous superstore which happened to be my former employer too. I did windowshopping and have laid my eyes over some fascinating bags and shirts. Then I thought of visiting my friend and the work area where I was before. It's nice visiting them and the place. I spent more than two hours just chatting with former colleagues. I did have a great time with them. When it's about dinner time, my friend and I, plus our other close friend, dined @ Mandarin Tea Garden. We spent the night just chatting, chatting, and chatting. We went home almost 10pm with our already filled stomachs. :) It's really awesomely nice to have spent time with close friends!

24 September 2008

A Hearty Talk Over A Good Meal

I had a hearty chat yesterday with a colleague friend over a good meal. We both were hungry after work so we decided to have dinner before heading home last night. During the whole duration of being together, we can't help but share our woes and blues specifically in the Love department. It turned out that we almost got the same share of stories. We just laughed at it though but I really learned something over that instant conversation I had with Mam Ritz. We may be a bit poor in that department but within our hearts we are still inches richer because of the love and care we got from our dearest families and friends. :) By the way, we both are single, and still hoping to find that one great love meant for us. Ajah!

22 September 2008

Great Time on A Sunday

Sundays are meant to be restdays, except yesterday. After having a 2-hour sleep despite being tired on a 12-hour graveyard shift, I decided to meet a college friend whom I haven't seen for many days already. We met at 5:00pm and shed some minutes just loitering inside the mall. We hit Sta. Ana Parish Church, recited a prayer then headed to Ilustre Street @ Times Square. We spent a little time doing some chit-chats, and since I got the urge (again!) to sing, we decided to engage in a videoke session for only 3 hours. We vacated the place past 9pm and had a little snack @ Dunkin Donuts-Ilustre. We parted ways at 10:00pm. Despite being in a sleepless state, I still had fun. :)

Lips Being Sealed!

Have you experienced being someone's secret keeper? It's not that their secrets are involved with drugs or murder but most secrets being shared are those in the arena of love and relationships. (*winks*) I just share this stuff because I was recently told (actually it's a compliment in my part) that I am her only secret keeper. And it's not only her who's confiding secrets with me. Personally, whatever stories being shared by a friend, I'd rather not squeal or spill an issue out of it. I am just meant to LISTEN to what every person has to say and share, much more if he/she happens to be a very dear friend. :) La lang, somehow nakakataba ng puso, hehehe :)

Guilty No More!

I am glad he's finally happy now. At least guilt has finally left me and I don't have to think of him saying that I did dump him. I knew this young man (he's in his mid-20s) from head north for like 3 years now and for me, he's just a good friend. No more, no less!

Just sharing... :)

21 September 2008

Amazing iLASIK!

It has been noted that the NASA and the US Military have been utilizing laser vision correction technologies making LASIK information pretty valuable in increasing the performance of these personnel. Truly, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the NASA validated that this LASIK technology exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness. How does this LASIK technology works? Modern LASIK, also known as the iLASIK procedure, is using two lasers which are different from the earlier version which only uses one. During the first stage of iLASIK, an individual’s unique eye characteristics have been mapped by its wave-front technology after which a corneal lip is created by an ultrafast, computer guided laser. The laser made to create the corneal lip replaces the handheld microkeratome blade which is being used in older LASIK forms that made the procedure exceptionally safe. After creating the flap, there goes the wave-front mapping data that guides the second laser for vision correction. The fusion of these two advanced laser technologies just simply provides a custom-fit procedure that clinically proves its effectiveness in producing excellent safety and visual results. With the benefits done the modern LASIK procedure, it has been noted that among the 100 military personnel that gets to benefit the procedure, 95% achieved a 20/20 uncorrected vision or better. 100% of naval aviators who also underwent the said procedure readily said that they’re going to recommend this Modern LASIK procedure to other naval aviators. With the positive outcome from iLASIK, it is never too late to join the over 12 million Americans who have benefited from LASIK.

20 September 2008

Friday Escapades

I had a wonderful Friday yesterday. I spent it wonderfully with friends and my siblings. Apart from having been set as my off duty, it was also my brother's 30+ something birthday. I thought I won't be able to spend it with friends too cos dinner with siblings has already been set at 7pm. It was a blessing in disguise that my presence was required in the hospital which led me to be out of the house a bit earlier as planned. I was like annoyed at first because it's supposedly an off day for me but I really needed to be there to fulfill an unfinished task. After having the task accomplished together with a colleague friend, we finally decided to just loiter along the mall. We invited some friends to be with us. After a series of window shops and shedding extra time at the mall's recreation area, we finally decided to satisfy our stomach with delicious pizzas @ Pizza Hut. It was about past 7pm when I left the mall and proceeded to where we gonna eat our dinner. My siblings and I had our dinner at Penong's along Ilustre Street and agreed to engage in a videoke session after satisfying our stomachs. We spent ample time singing our hearts out and went home past 1:00 AM. Indeed, I had a great wonderful time yesterday!:)

19 September 2008

Yet Another Online Social Account . . .

I thought Friendster, which I have joined in 2004, will only be my social account but I realized I have joined Hi5, MySpace, etc. However, I wasn't able to maintain these other accounts aside from Friendster. I just find it hard to handle too many accounts (apart from my other blogging, money-generating online accounts). I even have a Multiply account which I am trying to maintain now. Just recently, I'm hooked to Facebook, lol! It's just that this friend of mine who's now based in Ireland invited me here and there's no other way I can connect with her except for Facebook. That best explains the existence of my Facebook account. ;) Hope this will long be maintained like my Friendster account. :)

It's Brother's Birthday!:)

My one and only brother celebrates his birthday today and he's now in his mid-30's. My only wish is for him to be happy and be successful to what he's into right now. I know am just your sister but hope my words (though some are annoying and repetitive) of advice did get into your system. Hope you cut down from smoking too! Once again, a very happy birthday to you Bro!:) Libre unya ha,hehehe!:)

18 September 2008

Music Tripping!

I am so engrossed with M.U.S.I.C. now, lols! I just feel like dancing and singing the tracks along with the singers. I just missed doing this form of relaxation. Perhaps I could do it soon with friends in a videoke session, lol!

17 September 2008

Is It Gluttony?

Oh, I ate too much last night @ Chippens-Roxas! Blame my friends for it cos they tagged me along with them for dinner after work. How can I not eat a lot when amazing foods were beaufifully displayed on their buffet table :) The foods being served were tastefully great and I can't resist trying on them. Sweets are also all over the buffet table especially that mouth-watering blueberry cheesecake! Now, is that what you call gluttony?:)

My Fave Kid into SMS

I am missing my niece. It's been months, exactly 4 months, since the last time I saw her. The other day, I told my mom to have her send me a text message using my mom's cellphone. Well, I was glad she did it. What I really like about her sending me a message is that she's not like any kind of texter who used to misspell words to its message. She'd rather have her messages correctly spelled which I truly appreciate since it is much of help to a third grader like her. With that, I did try my best not to misspell anything.

Here's the flow of our conversation:
Niece: Hello. How are you? I miss you!
Me: I miss you too! How are you doing?
Niece: I'm fine. Thank you. How about you?
Me: I'm good. How's school?
Niece: It's okay.
Me: What are you doing now?
Niece: I am watching Dyosa (a primetime program @ ABS-CBN).
Me: Why do you love to watch Dyosa?
Niece: Because it is beautiful.
Me: Okay. You better sleep early after watching TV.
Niece: Yes, tita!
Me: I have to sleep now. I still need to wake up early for work. Good Night baby!
Niece: Good Night too!

Cute aight? Well, it's really the thought that counts. I just missed her! Can't wait to see her and treat her out. :)

15 September 2008

A Weekend Accomplishment

I got an accomplishment yesterday! I mean, it's something great for me cos I did make an extra effort to have it fulfilled. Well yesterday, laziness did shy away from my system. I spent the whole day cleaning and making things in my room placed in order. :) It may not be the best organized place here at home but for me it is. Besides, it's my effort that counts. :)

Here are the pics after doing the cleanup:

shoes and shoeboxes (with shoes inside)

my bed (though pillows aren't arranged well, lol)

my table inside the room

What can you say? Oh, at least I can peacefully rest and relax inside my dust-free and a bit organized room, hehehe!:)

September 14 Birthday Celebrants

Yesterday, September 14, three (3) of my friends celebrated their birthdays. The first thing I did as soon as I woke up was grabbed my cp and sent birthday messages to these people.

Dhen, a friend and an ex-officemate celebrated her 31st birthday! I just wish her one thing, that she be given by GOD a baby for her and her hubby. By the way, thanks for inviting me out for dinner last night. ;) Lessie, another friend and a colleague, celebrated her 31st birtday too! My wish? Hope she'd finally be happy with her personal life, which I think is very important to her, lol!:) And last but not the least, another close friend Father Efren, also celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday. My best wish for him is may he be given good health so he could continuously touch the hearts of those people who turned away from GOD and also draw us believers more closer to HIM too!

I am just glad I have these friends and again, may you be blessed with more birthdays to come!
Again, a very Happy Birthday!

Clothing For Kids

Most girls, including me, are into shopping. I guess every girl of all ages is accustomed to shopping for as long as she happens to be a girl at heart. And who can’t deny being a shopaholic especially if interested parties are into clothing and accessories?

Today, I have browsed a site named as ShopWiki where one category solely talks about little girl stuffs. Oh how I love being a little girl again with all those cutie girly apparels meant for them. They have a variety of options to choose from, from little girls’ dresses down to their winter gears. It is interesting to note that they have enclosed in the site their buying guidelines which give bright ideas to consumers of what to buy for their little ones.

Hmm, now am again thinking of a present to buy for my niece’s upcoming birthday in November. Perhaps, I’d grab her a pair of pink pajamas because I want her to be safe when sleeping at night.

Laarni Losala bags the "Grand Star Dreamer" title for PDA Season 2

Last night September 14, 2008 at the Cuneta Astrodome, Laarni Losala was proclaimed as the "Grand Star Dreamer" of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 based on text votes. Yes, my bet indeed bagged the title which is solely meant for her! :) Mr. Ryan Cayabyab was right when he said "maraming nagagawa si Laarni sa boses nya." That statement did verify that the Grand Star Dreamer is really a versatile and a total performer. :) I have watched the Performance Night on TV last Saturday, September 13, and I was amazed with such an angelic voice while singing "Manalig Ka"". I was even wowed when she switched from that very soothing song to the danceable "Boogey Wonderland" as part of that night's performance. And yesterday, it was the grandest event for Laarni. Everybody became a witness as she was proclaimed as the Grand Star Dreamer titlist. Personally, it was a heart-warming scene I have watched on TV. I was even teary-eyed after witnessing her grand entrance as the winner! To get a glimpse of her during the Performance Night and the Awards Night, here are the videos I got from YouTube. My hearfelt gratitude to the uploaders namely dekloy and Pinoydream2 for these videos I got here.

Performance Night Video

Awards Night Video

Great videos, aren't they? :) These really proved Laarni's worth not only as the Grand Star Dreamer but also as a person. To Laarni, keep the faith, "manalig ka" and you will soar greater heights in the industry. As your fan, I will always be your supporter. :) Don't forget to still keep your feet on the ground. :)

13 September 2008

Tonight's Gonna Be PDA Season 2's Performance Night

In a few more minutes, the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Performance night will be aired on ABS-CBN. Perhaps everybody is getting excited as to how the Season 2 Dreamers will make the most of their performances. For sure everyone of them is getting nervous yet still that confident that they're gonna make it. I am just wondering who's gonna be the next Star Dreamer of PDA Season 2. Hmm, can't wait! At least I'd be able to watch it tonight and for sure everybody would not want to miss the Awarding Ceremonies tomorrow night on the same channel. Just wanna say "Goodluck to all the Star Dreamers!" Just hope my bet Laarni (plus Bugoy who recently became my favorite too!) would make it to the top 2. :)

A Tag from Kerslyn

Got this tag from Kerslyn and am sharing it here in my blog. Thank you so much for this sis! :)

They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.

Am going to share this award to 8 random special friends to let you know am charmed with your writings and stories shared in your blog. Thanks to the world of blogging, it made me know some things about you:

1. Sheng
2. Janet Vicy
3. Babette
4. Emotera
5. Bless
6. Cheerful
7. Benchie Grace
8. Angel Noah

I Have Been Empowered!

In relation to my previous blog post, I was like being pulled down from up above. I just feel quite down over some family matters. At least someone empowers me up! It's really nice when you have someone empowering you to still be confident and flaunt yourself even if things would go wrong. With such empowerment, work for me last night has become lighter. I never complained. I have lenghtened patience. I embraced my work with so much confidence making me surpassed my 12-hour shift.

Somehow Emotionally Affected!

Despite having a busy schedule the past few days, I was deeply shakened upon knowing that something's happening again between two of the most important persons in my life. Deep inside, I can't help but feel sad about the incident. I mean, these occurences are becoming like routinary but all these are still happening. I was actually sleepless the other night. Numerous thoughts appeared on my mind but still I wasn't given any clear direction to it. Personally, I feel bad. I feel bad why these are happening. I don't know who's to be blamed. I just hope and pray that this dilemma we are facing will eventually be resolved with God's guidance.

12 September 2008

Am Back!

I can't believe I have never blogged for the last 5 days! ;) Thought I may not even be able to blog today, however, I did try. Yours truly has been very busy the last few days. I was working on two (2) twelve-hour shifts last Monday and Tuesday, and attended a two-day seminar in the last two days. Really got no time to blog, to blog hop and even to read my emails. Tonight I'd be working again on a 12-hour shift. I really feel so tired, but this is among my life's responsibilities. So, see you again sometime guys!:)

07 September 2008

US Goods Made Possible from MyUS.com

When I was a kid, I often received goodies from my paternal uncle in the States. I can’t forget those chocolates and those dolls he sent especially during Christmas time. When I was in my 5th grade, I came to learn that the packages he sent us were being delivered at least a month ago so they could have been received before Christmas Day. At least those chocolates were never expired long before they arrived, lol! But really, it took time for those goodies to arrive and to think that our hometown’s postal service also experienced delayed deliveries of mails and packages to its addressees. However, things really have changed for the better as the world is facing continuous development. Now, international shipments are made available for consumers especially if loved-ones happen to reside abroad and they have stuffs to be sent to their beloved country of origin. I am glad to have come across MyUS.com website where it gave me an idea where future shipments would be handled and have them send off to my loved-ones abroad. Excellent Package Forwarding at a lower cost is their best trademark plus their Mail Forwarding Service too! Plus, what’s been a great service is their being their customers’ Personal Shopper. They can purchase your orders directly from US retailers and have them sent to you even if you don’t’ have a credit card. Interesting, isn’t it? Visit MyUS.com website now and avail of their trial membership to have your goodies delivered at your doorstep!

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06 September 2008

Quite A Pricey Breakfast

I was on a graveyard shift duty last night and so were my friend colleagues. We agreed to meet up after work and have breakfast together. We're supposed to eat at Chowking, which is the usual food chain we ate at after our graveyard shifts but after discussing some options, we ended up choosing "Probinsya" which is situated @ the vicinity of Victoria Plaza's Car Park. Upon reaching the place, we were greeted by friendly waiters. Quite a few customers were there. When we're settled, we started peeking on the foods being served. Well, I chose their fried rice and I just can't get enough of their "pork adobo" recipe. I got "daing na bangus", "pancit lomi", and "chorizo. I also have gotten native delicacies like "maja blanca", "biko", "kutchinta", and "biko". The "minatamis na saging" and the "pinaypay na saging" also feasted my eyes but I got no more room for them in my stomach. We left "Probinsya" past 10:00 AM with our 125 PHP worth the cost! :)

McCain Runs With Palin

I am not really familiar with the upcoming US Elections but it's worth a try to be answering this survey. :)

05 September 2008

Wordless Love

I care for these kids. I care for these Pedia Onco Kids. I am missing these kids.
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Raining Hard & Feeling Tired

Twas raining hard last night after work. In as much as I'd readily like to fled home and cuddled myself in bed, I just couldn't. Rains have poured heavily along city streets and I got no umbrella with me. To pass the time away and since we both were hungry, my colleague/friend and I ate dinner instead in a dimsum parlor. After spending time for dinner, rains still kept on pouring so heavily. After getting wet from the rain, I managed to hail a cab so I could reach home. Immediately after reaching home, I raised both feet against the wall with my back flat on the floor. I didn't notice that I have fallen asleep. I just felt tired last night that I managed to hit the bathroom past 12 midnight.

03 September 2008

I Love Seafoods!

Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots

We’re about to take our lunch and what makes me even hungrier now is the fact that I am currently browsing on a site about Great American Seafood Cook Off 2008. I love all the top yummy recipes which form part in the contest! However, my heart goes out more for Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots! What makes me love this recipe is the fact that it's a roasted rockfish and is highly accentuated with my favorite peas and carrots making me love the recipe even more! For me, it's the best because it gives one a healthy diet. Now, tell me who can resist this roasted fish recipe with peas and carrots that come along with a tasteful pea puree and a marvelous sauce? Perhaps, a glass of wine would be more interesting with this recipe too! Well, with such a captivating recipe, really a big THANK YOU to Maryland’s great chef, Chef Tafari Campbell, for this new food discovery. I am so glad that this recipe, with its ingredients and instructions, is made available for food lovers like me. Nothing really compares on the benefits of using domestic seafood that allows us to experiences its freshness along with the great taste it has to offer. By the way, why not visit the site yourself and cast your votes for the best seafood recipe in the cook off contest and who knows you’d be more than lucky to win the New Orleans prize package. Visit the Great American Seafood Cook Off 2008 site now at www.GreatAmericanSeafoodCookOff.com! Ops, gotta take my lunch cos am getting more than hungrier with this site, lol!
Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

"Paano Na Kaya": Another Ryan Cayabyab creation

Ryan Cayabyab is undeniably a great musician who contributed much to the country's music industry. Recently, he again composed wonderful songs for Pinoy Dream Academy scholars to sing. Just last Saturday during PDA's Gala Night, the Ryan Cayabyab Cayabyab's masterpieces were presented by the PDA scholars along with the launching of the PDA Season 2 Album. Here's a sample of the Ryan Cayabyab creation entitled "Paano Na Kaya" performed by "Bugoy", a PDA Season 2 scholar:

02 September 2008

Still Wide Awake

I am still wide awake until now. I admit I was quite sleepy at work on a graveyard shift but now I found myself loitering along the sites online. I must be suffering now from the side effects of the caffeine I took during early dawn. At least, I still manage to get in between naps for two hours when I arrived home this morning. After lunch, perhaps I'd be devoting time to sleep na. :)

On Getting An HSBC Credit Card

I didn't intend to get a credit card since I became aware about it. My sister even gave me a Citibank suppmentary card but I only used it when purchasing my Sketchers pair of shoes. When I have fully paid everything, I never had the courage to use it after. But lately, I have changed my mind. Perhaps I am just too attached with the thought of getting my own personal laptop which I think would take months or even a year if I get to save money for it. Dugay sad! It is for that instance that I tried my luck in applying for an HSBC Mabuhay Visa credit card online. Supposedly, my sister suggested that I accomplished the form she had but because I was too lazy to submit it to their branch office here in Davao, I decided to have it online. Last week, I applied online but a few days after, I kinda lost hope because I got no financial documents to send to. Besides, I was quite disappointed that my ITR would not qualify because my gross annual income didn't appear on it. Fortunately, an HSBC representative called up just an hour ago for verification purposes. Well, whatever is the outcome of it, either approve or disapprove, I'm gonna take it. :) But am wishing it would get its approval. :)

01 September 2008

My Own Victory Hair Experience!

Haha! I just can’t help laughing while reminiscing back the social research we made about girls doing the first move with guys. Since our grades relied much on the outcome of the study, I, who formed part in that research group, was among those who became the accomplice of making the first move with a guy friend without him telling that it’s just part of the research. Well, my spell-bounding and flirtatious talks made him more comfortable and SHAZAM! Magic happened! We ended up having a dinner date! That’s how I can relate to Extreme Style by VO5’s Ultimate Flirting Championship regarding Victory Hair. Of course, after what had happened, our group leader handed him a questionnaire and told him it was all but part of the said research. He just laughed it off after. Now I am faced with the question of what could be my plan should that experience be relive again? Perhaps, I’d gonna be doing the same again – having a dinner date in a cozy restaurant and watch a romantic movie after. Isn’t it appealing? Lol! By the way, if you want to participate in an online flirting game like I once did, simply visit the Extreme Style by VO5 website. I know you’ll be having fun too! You better try it now.

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Laarnie: My PDA Scholar Bet For PDA Season 2

I watched the PDA's gala night last Saturday and again, I got so fascinated with Laarnie Losala's voice! No doubt, she really got this wonderful talent which she ought to share to everyone. A few more weeks left and PDA scholars have gone down to only 6, totally competing with each other to bag the Grand Star Dreamer title. Hmm, my bet would still be Laarnie but she should be extra careful cos it's gonna be a stiff competition between her and PDA's great scholars Liezel and "Bugoy".

I Miss You My Confidante!

Yep, I am missing a dear friend who is now miles apart from me. I missed this friend who would always get to listen to my depressing stories. It's also this friend of mine who always get notified when I got my share of i-hate-my-life-sometimes stories. *sighs* I just miss you my confidante!