04 August 2008

Remembering Relatives In Bohol

Though a bit sleepy today @ 11:30AM, my eyes were widely opened when I noticed that I got 2 missed calls recorded in my phone. One was from a colleague, and the other was from my aunt. I was quite concerned bout the latter. I sent her a message asking how are they doing and I was informed that my cousin has gone back home after weeks of leaving the house without permission. This PM, I will be taking a call to my aunt so she could relate to me and my mom the incident. I am just waiting now for her text confirmation if she's ready to take the call because she still needs to have her phone loaded with battery power. Well, thinking about them back in Bohol always makes me want to go there and spend some time with them. I just missed being there! I just missed my loved-ones back there. How I wish I could go back there soon when I can.

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