12 August 2008

R &R on A Monday

Yesterday, Monday, was my 2nd off day. I did intend to devote it for rest and relaxation since it had been quite a while since I last went out with friends. I woke up a bit late. I went online, did bloghop to online friends' sites and immediately after lunch, I just watched TV and slept for a while. Past 5pm, I went to Gaisano Mall and met up with one of my close friends, Donna. (We're supposed to meet Love2x who's a friend too but unfortunately she got migraine attacks.) We strolled along the mall, took a peek of some fabulous items for sale. When we got hungry, we decided to have our dinner @ Sym's where I chose Breaded Porkchop as my meal. After our stomachs have been filled, we watched "The Mummy" starred by my crush Brendan Frasier. :) Finished the movie past 9pm and we headed to a coffee shop along F. Torres Street. Can't exactly recall the name of the shop but it sounds like Cups and Lowercase (if I am not mistaken, lol!). Rain poured making us stayed for a while there. It was past 11pm when we decided to get ourselves a 30-minute back massage @ a nearby spa center. I was given with a very wonderful feeling after the massage. It was like all tensions were taken away from my body. I went home feeling relaxed and immediately hit the bedroom when I arrived.

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