29 August 2008

Playing the Half-Baked Godmother Role

My being uberly busy these days have kept me from blogging about my god daughter's Christening Day which took place last August 17, 2008. As they say, it's better late than never that's why am blogging it now. :)

My god daughter Aeolia I. Roxas, who happens to be the darling daughter of my childhood friend, Lea, was born via Caesarian section later in March of 2008. A few hours after her birth, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of this cute little baby girl inside the NICU. Many thanks to my friends who were on duty that time. I was much more luckier than her parents because I got to see her first, lol! To make the story short, I was informed then that I'd be one of her godmothers on her baptism.

Last August 17, 2008, Aeolia was formally baptized @ St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church. Too bad, I wasn't there to stand by her nor witnessed how she was being christened by the priest. Blame it on my heavy workload leaving me so tired and sleepless that kept me from waking up early. Well, it is for that instance that I became a half-baked godmother. Still lucky though cos I am her godmother. :) With what has happened, I went straight to the reception area meeting some old friends and even new ones. We also took some pics.

this is Ma. Aeolia :)

my goddaughter and her godmother :)

it's me again with my goddaughter :)

Cute baby, isn't she? :) Even if am just a half-baked godmother, still I'd be fulfilling my 100% role to be her light leading her to righteous paths. Welcome to the Christian World, Aeolia.. :) I am so proud to be your godmother. :)

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