02 August 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy's Laarnie Losala: The Next Promising Singer?

When ABS-CBN's Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 started sometime 2 or 3 months ago, I got some glimpses of their episodes. Honestly, I was caught by Laarnie Losala's attitude, her "i-hate-myself" attitude. She had her tantrums too! Apart from those, I have witnessed on screen on how she had a hard time dealing with her co-scholars. However later on, when I got hooked to watching PDA during my off days, I could see that she has really big potentials of becoming a singer. She got this wonderful singing voice and is definitely effortless when she sings. That's when I started liking her. I then came to know that at age 15, she left her hometown in Sultan Kudarat and paved her way to Manila in search for a brighter future. Before joining PDA, it was learned that she's a student assistant @ Philippine Women's University and she's been singing to some hotels in order to support her studies. When I watched that certain gala night where she sang "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)", I can't help but praised her for such an excellent performance. Because I want to hear her sing that piece again, I browsed it @ Youtube.com and I found even some of her music performances being uploaded by her supporters. Now I should say, Laarnie count me in!:) Am gonna be voting for you!:) You will be the Philippines' next best singing sensation!:)

Below are some of the videos I got from Youtube. My personal gratitude to Youtube, to the Youtube uploaders bronnie1122, eyecrystal, and dekloy, where I got all of these videos from...

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