13 August 2008

On Having The Look To Get One's Attention

To those who didn’t get to know me or who just knew me for the first time, I accordingly got an impression that I look unapproachable. I was informed that I look so unfriendly especially if my brows get to meet, lol! However, I got an extreme impression from friends, especially those closer ones that I am capable of giving that flirty look even with my shades on. Eyes may not be seen but for them it does give a flirty appearance in general just like the picture I got in here.

Well, flirting is not just about associating it with words you say to the person but non verbal forms of flirting counts. I remember one time I gave that flirty look to a guy friend and he threw a joke that if I am not just his friend, he’d really take me out for a date, hahaha! By the way, I stumbled upon this wonderful site on Extreme Style by VO5 that solely allows everyone to play the Ultimate Flirting Championship. I did have fun playing the game and I got to choose how my hair would look like. Guess what? I won in the game and it says that I have achieved Victory Hair! Really exciting, isn’t it? If you’re like curious about it, it’s time that you also play the Ultimate Flirting Championship brought to you by Extremely Style by VO5!

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