24 August 2008

My Kadayawan '08

Despite having graveyard shifts this week, I still got my own share of Kadayawan '08 memories. Of course, I met up with friends and spend some time together. I also enjoyed loitering inside the malls, bought some stuffs, and did window shopping too! It is also during this time of the year that I got to spend hours with my all-time Kadayawan buddy, Nelly. We met last Friday and spent hours whining the time away. Same night after Nelly and I bade farewell, I also spent a few hours chatting with everybody's friend Pete over a cup of coffee @ Karl's. If I wasn't on duty last night, perhaps I was among those night crawlers who loitered along the streets of Davao until the wee hours of dawn. :) Too bad, I don't get the chance to take pictures. I'll try my luck next time. :)

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