28 August 2008

My Friend's Farewell Beach Party

As far as I can remember, I did excitedly blog about my friend Ella's Farewell Beach Party held at Costa Marina Beach Resort in Samal which took place last August 13, 2008. So glad that our skeds have been reconciled provided that most of us are having different work shifts. Well, we all agreed to save the date just to give time for Ella, who then was about to leave for Canada and is now in the arms of her darling husband Dex in Canada. To relive what had happened, let me share you a slide show of said party. By the way, I lovingly dedicate this slideshow to Ella and to the rest of my friends. Cheers to friendship guys!:)

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Ailecgee said...

That must be a happy and sad farewell party for your friend. But I guess, for the reason of leaving for the one you love is another story. My best wishes to her!