11 August 2008

My Bet For Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2

I was glad I was able to watch PDA's Gala Night last Saturday. My bet Laarnie Losala could have been voted out of the academy but I was too confident that she will still remain. True enough, she's still @ the Academy and her text votes could testify that the viewers wanted her to stay and win. Between the three (3) probationaries that included Apple and Miguel, Laarnie garnered more than 70% of the text votes while Apple and Miguel roughly got a very tight fight with a 15% share of text votes. Seems like Laarnie is on her way to stardom, isn't it? She wowed her jurors, academy teachers, and her fans with her excellent rendition of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody". At least now, Laarnie has proven her detractors wrong.

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