13 August 2008

My Being Single ;)

I have been flooded with same countless old questions as to why I am still single up to this time. I even had an argument with a closest friend a few years back when I answered her telling that it's my choice to be one. Well, she just wanted me to have a boyfriend. Personally, I am considering a lot of things especially in that career field I am starting to build. Besides, I am not in a relationship now and I have a hard time chasing those guys, hahaha (just kidding). Well, I am always ready to embrace myself into a relationship. However, the right person is still yet to arrive. I still didn't get any notice whether he's due to arrive or not, hahaha!:) Hmm, my body clock starts ticking now!

1 comment:

nahj12 said...

lol.. pareho tayo.. laging tinatanong bakit until now.. hayzzz..