06 August 2008

Mom Submits Herself To Lab Tests and Mammo

My parents arrived from our hometown to the city the other day with dad's purpose to renew his yearly vehicle registration and mom, to just submit herself to her routine lab tests. And yesterday, was my mom's sked to serve her purpose. Glad it was my off day yesterday and I was able to accompany her. We woke up early at 5 AM and left the house past 6 AM with her having to fast after midnight for her morning Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS). Blood was withdrawn from her veins and submitted it for FBS and creatinine. She also got her urine examined. These labs have become her outstanding routine lab work up since she's been taking her maintenance for diabetes. So glad her fasting blood sugar has gone down from her previous 10+ FBS result to 9.5 mmol (still not normal though, but at least not higher than the previous results). Her creatinine is also of normal levels while there's a (+) albumin in her urine. Later that day, mom submitted herself for mammography. No abnormalities found but is recommended that she submit herself for annual mammography. It was really a tiring day but at least my mom's purposes were served, which I too was happy about. :)

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