04 August 2008

Life With C'elle

I was watching a news channel on TV one time when there came an issue about stem cells, a latest discovery in the field of medicine that actually holds a promise to future therapeutic developments. I even spotted someone on TV, a female, who’s having her C’elle Client Testimonial, sharing her stories about the science wonder she just discovered. When I began thinking about my family’s health welfare especially my mom, who’s a known Diabetic, I came to think of a possibility that maybe someday my mom would fully get rid of her Diabetes and be a non-diabetic for life. Apart from Diabetes, C’elle menstrual stem cells is also believed to possibly combat major diseases like heart diseases, strokes, Alzheimer's as well as cosmeceutical applications for anti-aging and wound healing. Wanna know more about C’elle Stem cell? Participate in the “Caring is Sharing” promotion, purchase C’elle and receive a free C’elle service as a gift to a best friend or a loved one! Start saving lives today and be counted!


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