11 August 2008

It's All About Me :)

This is a tag I got from Gles. Thanks for passing this on to me. :)


The object is to complete each of the following snippets. I have included the blank ones at the end of this post so they can easily be copied and pasted.

Participants: Startin’ A New Life, Too / All Things Me / Because Life Is Fun / Feels Like Home / My Happy Place / Iam Dzoi / Suburban Sass / To the Moon and Back / Raising Sandy / Mommy Talks / Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps / All Kinds of Me Stuff / The Salad Caper / Winding Creek Circle / InkBabyStudios / My Colorful World/ Random Thoughts / Explore Manila / My Online World / My Life in this Wonderful World/ In Depth /Pinay WAHM. / Small and Simple Things / My Life.... My Journey!/ My Life's Rollercoaster Ride/ YOU


I am: Marie.
I think: I deserve to have more R&R these days, lol!
I know: I am God's gift to everyone I meet.
I have: a wonderful family and friends around which money can't buy.
I wish: that there will be good news from VB this October 2008.
I hate: being rushed!
I miss: my niece!
I fear: God, and earthquakes!
I hear: music all around the room.
I smell: nothing now cos I got colds!
I crave: for sweets!
I search: for the unsearchable ONE, lol!
I wonder: how some families get to raise their 8-12 kids with the poor economy we have now.
I regret: being passive way back then.
I love: blogging!
I ache: for nothing.
I am not: a happy-go-lucky person.
I believe: firmly in GOD.
I dance: when I feel like dancing.
I sing: @ the shower too!
I cry: for sympathy at times.
I fight: for whatever is right.
I win: in some arguments, hahaha!
I lose: a dear maternal uncle who died a few months ago due to cancer.
I never: want to be rude but sometimes others would got me provoked, LOL!
I always: try to engage in a win-win situation to avoid arguments.
I confuse: ----
I listen: with a heart.
I can usually be found: @ work and at home.
I am scared: of losing my loved-ones!
I need: to unwind at times.
I am happy about: LIFE in general.
I imagine: my life savoring its best puhon2x.. :)

I am now passing this tag to Toni, Joy Burlinson, Hannah, and Anig.

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