08 August 2008


I got colds! I noticed that this has started when I got home 2 days ago after my 2nd graveyard shift. I got this scratchy throat and I keep on sneezing. It seems like my nose has become easily irritated. This morning, I woke up late because I got this bad physical feeling plus I got a stuffy nose accompanied with scratchy throat (still!). Right now, I do not submit myself to any medications. I drink a lot of fluids instead. I will be resting any moment from now cos I need to recharge my body for tonight's 1st 12-hour graveyard shift. This is all for now. Have a good day everyone!


mharia said...

get well soon!
good luck with getting your own domain! am sure you'll have lots of fun with it. :)

take care

Princess Vien said...

hello there..

have a tag for you..


aries_arevalo_ax said...

cold is a common thing for this weather... i got colds too, and my friends got them... yeah, you need to drink water, water, and more water.

Marie said...

@ Mharia: yah soon enough I'll get my own domain :)

@ Princess Vien: thanks for the tag sis!:)

@ Aries_arevalo_ax: hahaha! let's drink more and more fluids so we could dump colds out of our body :) thanks for the comment :)