15 August 2008

Goodluck FRIENDs!

Two of my friends is due to leave within this month for abroad. Ella, who became my friend when we entered nursing, is leaving for Canada next week and be with his husband with whom she's married to. I knew she won't be having a hard time planning her career too because she's also in the medical field. I am just happy for her because after sacrificing for a long distance love affair for years, she'd now be living her life with her beloved husband. Another friend, T-an, is also leaving next, next week for Australia. Her leaving family and friends here in the Philippines is a sacrifice meant to fulfill her dream to work as a health care professional in the country. With her courage and determination, I knew she'd be soaring high in her career.

To my two friends mentioned in this post, my best wishes and good luck to your journey!:)

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