07 August 2008

Getting My Own Domain

Today, I was torn between thoughts of having my own domain or not. I was quite tempted to get one here @ Blogspot cos it only costs $10/year which is actually cheaper than other domains. Besides, I need not worry bout my PR cos Google slapped it from PR 2 to PR 0. :) However, I am still weighing things out. Care enough to tell me what are the pros and cons of having an own domain? Do I need to start all over again from templates to widgets and stuffs like that? Really got no idea how that works.. LOL! Any answer would be much appreciated. :)


mharia said...

hi marie,

i'm not sure how it goes with getting your own domain through blogger since i got mine through wordpress. i think the templates are different, but i'm not too sure. ;)
regarding putting watermarks (text on my shot), i used photoshop. but you can use other photo-editing softwares, too. :)

thanks for the visit!
really appreciate it. :)

Babette said...

Hey sis, you should get your own domain now that your PR is 0. It's very easy with Blogger, no need to change templates or anything. The good thing is that anyone who types your old URL will get redirected to your domain. You can't beat $10/year, so cheap. Some advertisers also prefer domains over free blogs. So go ahead and do it. :)

armywife24 said...

hmm where can i buy a domain? wa ko kasabot hehehe

Foreign-Marriages said...

Hi, Marie

Anyway, for me i bought 6 domains but i only used 1 and that is my pinaylovestories.com i removed 5 of them...because its been 6months no PR-Rank as well. So better i removed it anyway. And i guess, the same if you got a domain or not. Thats my conclusion only.

Anyway happy blogging...and care to exchanges links? Taga-davao diay ka pareha ta? hehehe oki ingat...

Marie said...

@ Mharia: thanks for the comment..bout watermarks, I am not sure if I could make it on my own hahaha..I dont exactly know how to manipulate these photo-editing softwares. :)

@ Babette: Thanks for convincing me to get my own domain. Be getting one the soonest possible time :)

@ Armywife24: thanks for the comment. :) pareha ta wa jud kaayo ko kasabot sa domain pero later nakabalo ko na mao ni sya ang imong personalized address without blogspot.com. kumbaga naa ka choice kun unsa imo gamiton na URL (eg: http://marie.com) but u will be paying for it. mura ang blogger kay $10 dollars lng per year. :)

@ Foreign Marriages: thanks for the comment. I just thought of getting my own domain para mas mapersonalized pa kaayo ako blog hehehe :) yup taga davao ko. naa ko diri karun..wa na ka uli2x diri noh? :) hehehe.. friends na ta ha. :)