23 August 2008

Doc Anna Fiel B. Mariano Dies @ Age 34

I was terribly surprised when I got hold of the news that Dr. Anna Fiel B. Mariano, a nursing teacher, my clinical instructor who became my first ever CI on duty, died a few days back. I just couldn't believe it! I later knew she was battling life with Cancer until she finally gave up her life to the heavens. Yesterday, me and a group of friends, who also became her students, visited her wake @ Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes along J. Camus Street. Looking at her picture, I can still see the fullness of life shown in her eyes. When I got to see her body inside her coffin, it did gave a remarkable trace that she had fought against that dreaded C. In our conversations last night @ her wake, we looked back on how she was as a mentor. We never had complaints against her cos she got this considerate attitude embedded in her. We did learn a lot from a brilliant teacher like her.

To a doctor and a nurse but had lived a humble life, may you rest in peace. You will always be remembered on how you have touched our hearts.


marc said...

Hi..mam mariano was also my CI at Brokenshire. i just made a tribute video for her. please visit it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyorY66Qi9I

thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your tribute to my sister. she is a very dear one and will always be cherished. i am glad she touched your hearts during the precious moments GOD lent her life.