30 August 2008

A Friend Weds Today

Yes, another childhood friend of mine named Verlie, whom I shared years with in elementary and high school, has tied the knot this morning with her beloved beau from Cagayan de Oro City. The wedding was solemnized @ the St. Mary's Parish in Buhangin and the reception followed @ BS Inn Hotel along Monteverde cor. Gempesaw Streets. Too bad, I wasn't able to witness them exchanged their vows, nor was I present in the reception! How can I? I was gone at work since 6pm yesterday and was able to get home past 10AM today. I was only informed like 2 weeks ago and our monthly work skeds have already been fixed. Can't even asked someone to exchange duty skeds with me cos these past few days, our skeds were like ransacked very badly leaving us with no choice. I knew my friend would understand. The very important thing is, she's more than happy now to be united with someone closest to her heart. To my dear friend Verlie, wishing you all the best in your married life! :)

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29 August 2008

Need Help With My Blog Template

Since I switched back to my old template from Lena, I thought that it's gonna be like it was when I first used it. Now, I noticed that dates above my posts are missing. I already made some editing wanting the date when the post was made appear above the post but it still is not working. Can someone help? A step-by-step instruction will do. Hope someone gets to answer my plea. Thanks in advance. . .

Playing the Half-Baked Godmother Role

My being uberly busy these days have kept me from blogging about my god daughter's Christening Day which took place last August 17, 2008. As they say, it's better late than never that's why am blogging it now. :)

My god daughter Aeolia I. Roxas, who happens to be the darling daughter of my childhood friend, Lea, was born via Caesarian section later in March of 2008. A few hours after her birth, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of this cute little baby girl inside the NICU. Many thanks to my friends who were on duty that time. I was much more luckier than her parents because I got to see her first, lol! To make the story short, I was informed then that I'd be one of her godmothers on her baptism.

Last August 17, 2008, Aeolia was formally baptized @ St. Jude Thaddeus Parish Church. Too bad, I wasn't there to stand by her nor witnessed how she was being christened by the priest. Blame it on my heavy workload leaving me so tired and sleepless that kept me from waking up early. Well, it is for that instance that I became a half-baked godmother. Still lucky though cos I am her godmother. :) With what has happened, I went straight to the reception area meeting some old friends and even new ones. We also took some pics.

this is Ma. Aeolia :)

my goddaughter and her godmother :)

it's me again with my goddaughter :)

Cute baby, isn't she? :) Even if am just a half-baked godmother, still I'd be fulfilling my 100% role to be her light leading her to righteous paths. Welcome to the Christian World, Aeolia.. :) I am so proud to be your godmother. :)

Domain and Webhosting Confuses Me :)

Yep! This is really true. Domain and web hosting stuff got me confused. I really don't have any idea how these two works. All I know is that I could anytime buy a domain here @ Blogger at an affordable price. But how about web hosting? Do I also need one when I buy my own domain? Lol. I admit I am just too ignorant about all these things. Blogging ra jud ako nabal-an ba, lol!:) Can anyone shed me a light over these matters? If I get to buy my own domain here, do I need some web hosts, or is my blog gonna work out fine without them? :) Tsk, tsk, tsk.. confused japun ko.. lol!:)

28 August 2008

My Friend's Farewell Beach Party

As far as I can remember, I did excitedly blog about my friend Ella's Farewell Beach Party held at Costa Marina Beach Resort in Samal which took place last August 13, 2008. So glad that our skeds have been reconciled provided that most of us are having different work shifts. Well, we all agreed to save the date just to give time for Ella, who then was about to leave for Canada and is now in the arms of her darling husband Dex in Canada. To relive what had happened, let me share you a slide show of said party. By the way, I lovingly dedicate this slideshow to Ella and to the rest of my friends. Cheers to friendship guys!:)

26 August 2008

Switching To My Old Nice Template

The past few weeks, I've been switching templates. I am not just contented with how every template appeared on my site that's why I was fond of switching. After displaying different templates, I feel that I still love my old template Made By Lena. It is for this reason that am having it back on my blog. Guess I'd stick to this for a longer time. Thank again Lena. :)

24 August 2008

My Kadayawan '08

Despite having graveyard shifts this week, I still got my own share of Kadayawan '08 memories. Of course, I met up with friends and spend some time together. I also enjoyed loitering inside the malls, bought some stuffs, and did window shopping too! It is also during this time of the year that I got to spend hours with my all-time Kadayawan buddy, Nelly. We met last Friday and spent hours whining the time away. Same night after Nelly and I bade farewell, I also spent a few hours chatting with everybody's friend Pete over a cup of coffee @ Karl's. If I wasn't on duty last night, perhaps I was among those night crawlers who loitered along the streets of Davao until the wee hours of dawn. :) Too bad, I don't get the chance to take pictures. I'll try my luck next time. :)

Obama Runs with Biden

American Elections is fast approaching!:) So goes the heated issues about Obama's running mate for VP too! Check this survey out!:)

Phelps Is A Tiger

Beijing Olympics 2008 is still famous until now, and so is Michael Phelps! Here's a dNeero Survey involving the famous Michael Phelps. :)

23 August 2008

Doc Anna Fiel B. Mariano Dies @ Age 34

I was terribly surprised when I got hold of the news that Dr. Anna Fiel B. Mariano, a nursing teacher, my clinical instructor who became my first ever CI on duty, died a few days back. I just couldn't believe it! I later knew she was battling life with Cancer until she finally gave up her life to the heavens. Yesterday, me and a group of friends, who also became her students, visited her wake @ Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes along J. Camus Street. Looking at her picture, I can still see the fullness of life shown in her eyes. When I got to see her body inside her coffin, it did gave a remarkable trace that she had fought against that dreaded C. In our conversations last night @ her wake, we looked back on how she was as a mentor. We never had complaints against her cos she got this considerate attitude embedded in her. We did learn a lot from a brilliant teacher like her.

To a doctor and a nurse but had lived a humble life, may you rest in peace. You will always be remembered on how you have touched our hearts.

20 August 2008

Blogging Away From Home

I am blogging away from home now. It has been two days since our PC got into trouble with its power supply. I just don't know why every time it got into trouble, it's always me who's been using it, either before or after it deems to occur. It is for this instance that I have been indirectly blamed for the cause of our PC's wreckage. I found myself guilty at times whenever it got into trouble. In the event that our PC is yet to be fixed, I can't promise that I can blog hop. I even don't know whether I could still use the PC or not. I just have to keep my fingers crossed! Well, I can still blog hop though I'd be using the net away from home.

Be Debt Free!

Late last week, I thought of getting a personal stuff via an installment plan. At one point, I thought I could be able to pay it cos I don't have any financial obligations but half of me also thought that financial concerns might arise in least expected times leaving me unable to pay that monthly installment fee should I get to pursue it. With such concern I got in mind, I came to think of the countless people who got numerous debts from any lending or financial investors. Good thing, there's an institution now that allows one to fix credit score or simply consolidate one's own debts. I have come across No Debt Today and that's how I learned that they are offering free debt consolidation programs that help everyone regain financial freedom. One can simply choose which program to take, whether it is credit card consolidation, tax relief, or even credit card repair services. Free debt consultation is done for free. Moreover, No Debt Today assists individuals toward becoming debt free with an easy-to-manage, affordable monthly payments, thus ensuring that one is consistently paying those debts. So, are you ready to be debt free? Avail of the free debt consultation online and start from there!

BV Experience (again!)

BV might really be tricking on me. Last month, I submitted to an opportunity that asked me to place a text link on my blog page and gee, I did it! When it's about payment time after placing that text link for about a month, I got a message telling me that I will be paid on the next month (sighs!). And here's another story.. I checked on BV today and I got a grab bag task. I did intend to write an entry about it. When I clicked on the "accept" button, I was surprised to see an error marked on my page. While retrieving it back on my blog list, the grab task becomes gone (sighs again!). Now, you think its fair? :(

Halloween Costumes!

It's almost September and two months after, Halloween is the next big occasion to look forward to. What's with Halloween anyway? For most people, what's so exciting about this event is that Halloween parties are being held. It's not just a Halloween party but one of the grandest parties ever. What makes it among the grandest? Well, Halloween parties are associated with costumes and it is in this event that everybody gets to wear fabulous Halloween costumes. I wonder where do these people get to buy those. Personally, I'd like to wear a Halloween costume myself during a Halloween party. I mostly like those fairy-like costumes with matching wands. I have bumped into a certain site @ Costume Cauldron and I so so like their Great Absinthe Fairy Costume.

I love its halter-type top including its wings. I just also adore its color in green. By the way, this costume I have been writing about is not expensive and is in fact affordable. Apart from the Great Absinthe Fairy Costume, I also have my heart for Angel White Chiffon costume.

This chiffon styled costume is what makes it generally attractive. It's not also costly cos it only yields to $46.95. Apart from those costumes that I like, this online store that is selling Halloween costumes also boast of their varied Halloween costume styles. They have Halloween costumes meant for all ages, from adults to teens down to kids and toddlers. Pets have also been designed with costumes. Apart from that, this costume store also sells their finest make ups, wigs, accessories and even Halloween supplies and decorations. Where else could you find a great Halloween store that caters to all your Halloween needs? Nothing really beats Costume Cauldron. With the Halloween fast approaching, it is best to check out what could be the best Halloween costume for you plus try checking the Halloween Costume safety too!

18 August 2008

Missed the 65 USD Opp

It happened like two days ago but can't help sharing it. I just didn't turn off the pc while being asleep. When I woke up, I refreshed PPP's page and shoot, I got a white opp worth $65. When I tried to reserve the opportunity, it turned gray so quickly. Sayang, hehehe!:)

Another BV experience...

You read it right. Blogsvertise strikes again for the 2nd time. I sent a message asking its management to have my inactive blog removed and that the grab bag task for that blog be given to my other blogs. When I checked on my email from BV, it says that a task has been reassigned to me. When I tried to accept the task, I could no longer find the instructions but there was a statement informing me that the task has expired. I was quite surprised why it expired too soon. Good thing I haven't made an entry to that. Got no choice but hit the decline button. Again, it must be because of my PR 0 why this has happened, lol.

Pick Up Lines & Victory Hair!

“I will climb the highest mountains and cross the deepest seas so I could be with you”. Ugh! That was like one of the worst pick up lines I heard from somebody who’s confessing love to his beloved. I bet Victory Hair could have occurred should that pick-up line be included in the Ultimate Flirting Championship game of Extreme Style by VO5. By the way, do you want to experience achieving your Victory Hair too? Try playing this exciting Ultimate Flirting Championship and get to lay down your wonderful flirting abilities. I tell you, it’s really a whole lot of fun!

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17 August 2008

Kadayawan 2008!

Kadayawan Festival 2008 is finally here! For sure majority of us, the DavaoeƱos, have gone excited with this upcoming week-long festival that's starting to liven up the city these days. Tourists and visitors would certainly flock in to the place too! This week-long festival starts today August 17, 2008 and it will end up until the 24th of August.

What personally excites me with Kadayawan? Hmm, great mall sales will take place, concerts are everywhere and Kaan Dawet will take place again and this time @ the Palma Gil streets. Now, who would want to miss this the "Hiyas ng Kadayawan" beauty contest, the "Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan" and also the fabulous "Floral Float Parade"? Looks like a whole lot of fun, aight? So as not to deprive you of the events that will take place this week, please check in here to direct you to the week-long schedule of events. For more infos about Kadayawan 2008, please visit the site @ http://kadayawan.com.

Happy Kadayawan Festival everyone!
Have fun D-A-V-A-O!!! :)

My acknowledgment goes to the Kadayawan Official Website for the sked of events made available for this year's Kadayawan Festival.

16 August 2008

Track Unknown Callers!

Tired of trying to figure out who’s been calling you with unknown numbers registered on your phone? Worry no more! TraceNumber.com’s reverse phone lookup service can make it easier for you! With their phone lookup service, one can search by phone number of unknown callers. Names and addresses can be made available with the lookup service. Moreover, one might as well say bye-bye to irritating telemarketers and prank callers who really have the capacity to eat much of your time. Plus, even missed calls from unknown numbers reflecting on your own phone bill can also be traced. Remember, TraceNumber.com’s lookup service is guaranteed to be 100% confidential and no one will ever find out who’s been searching for their numbers. If you happen to be curious who your unknown callers are, try getting that amazing phone lookup service and get them identified!

15 August 2008

Goodluck FRIENDs!

Two of my friends is due to leave within this month for abroad. Ella, who became my friend when we entered nursing, is leaving for Canada next week and be with his husband with whom she's married to. I knew she won't be having a hard time planning her career too because she's also in the medical field. I am just happy for her because after sacrificing for a long distance love affair for years, she'd now be living her life with her beloved husband. Another friend, T-an, is also leaving next, next week for Australia. Her leaving family and friends here in the Philippines is a sacrifice meant to fulfill her dream to work as a health care professional in the country. With her courage and determination, I knew she'd be soaring high in her career.

To my two friends mentioned in this post, my best wishes and good luck to your journey!:)

14 August 2008

Why Do We Need Friends?

So glad to have this award from Sheng. Thanks so much for the gift of friendship!:) Indeed, online friends need to be appreciated because of the colors they each gave to our blogging lives!:)

We need friends for many reasons,
all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us
when we are sad,
and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,
We need someone we can count on,
and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us
one we have passed
sharing memories that will always last.

Spread the poem of friendship.

1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts . . . 4. My Life's Rollercoaster Ride 5. YOU!

I am passing this to JoyD, Vien, Marky, and Madz.

Sharing Time with Friends

I did share in a previous post that I and my friends will gather together again, this time with Ella, a dear friend of ours who's leaving for Canada with her hubby. Well, the meeting was realized yesterday with bunch of good friends around. We went to Costa Marina Beach Resort located @ Samal Island and there we spent sometime with each other. We ate much and laughed our hearts out. Too bad, I didn't swim! I chose not to cos I need to get enough rest in time for my duty on that same Wednesday night. The day ended with a fun-filled memory worthy to be treasured. To my dear friend, Ella, good luck in your Canadian journey. I am pretty sure happiness will forever be yours together with your hubby. Yaw lang tawun mi kalimti, hehehe :)

13 August 2008

Hollywood Lines In A Flirting Scene

“I may not be smart but I know how to love”. This is the favorite romantic line I got from Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump. Indeed, this is a line which is applicable in real lives. Even the not-so-smart person has the capability to love the best way they know how. And love did work majestically! Well, I tried using these lines in Extreme Style by VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship and yes, it worked! Those lines have helped me achieved Victory Hair! What’s so good about the game is that you could actually send those award winning lines while choosing how you gonna look like in the game. Sounds fun, aight? Try playing The Ultimate Flirting Championship and get to experience the fun it brings!

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Rain, Rain Go Away...

I wish that the rain will continually stop now. It's keeping me awake, still. Besides, I will be attending a farewell beach party in Samal Island this day and I don't want to travel via ferry boat with rains pouring. I hope that the sun will come out early today.

On Having The Look To Get One's Attention

To those who didn’t get to know me or who just knew me for the first time, I accordingly got an impression that I look unapproachable. I was informed that I look so unfriendly especially if my brows get to meet, lol! However, I got an extreme impression from friends, especially those closer ones that I am capable of giving that flirty look even with my shades on. Eyes may not be seen but for them it does give a flirty appearance in general just like the picture I got in here.

Well, flirting is not just about associating it with words you say to the person but non verbal forms of flirting counts. I remember one time I gave that flirty look to a guy friend and he threw a joke that if I am not just his friend, he’d really take me out for a date, hahaha! By the way, I stumbled upon this wonderful site on Extreme Style by VO5 that solely allows everyone to play the Ultimate Flirting Championship. I did have fun playing the game and I got to choose how my hair would look like. Guess what? I won in the game and it says that I have achieved Victory Hair! Really exciting, isn’t it? If you’re like curious about it, it’s time that you also play the Ultimate Flirting Championship brought to you by Extremely Style by VO5!

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My Being Single ;)

I have been flooded with same countless old questions as to why I am still single up to this time. I even had an argument with a closest friend a few years back when I answered her telling that it's my choice to be one. Well, she just wanted me to have a boyfriend. Personally, I am considering a lot of things especially in that career field I am starting to build. Besides, I am not in a relationship now and I have a hard time chasing those guys, hahaha (just kidding). Well, I am always ready to embrace myself into a relationship. However, the right person is still yet to arrive. I still didn't get any notice whether he's due to arrive or not, hahaha!:) Hmm, my body clock starts ticking now!

12 August 2008

Headache Strikes Again!

I woke up today feeling better, however, in the middle of the day, I experienced light-headedness accompanied by headache. I bet it must be associated with my strained eyes again after minutes of staying online. I even made adjustments with the monitor's brightness and contrast features but it's still the same. It even got worst when I wore my eyeglasses which had long been prescribed to correct my being "myopic". For that certain reason, I decided to sleep hours before lunch. I was quite relieved when I woke up until now but...I still need to get an eye check up the soonest possible time. Better yet, I need to take some extra time away from the computer too! I guess that would really be of great help to me.

R &R on A Monday

Yesterday, Monday, was my 2nd off day. I did intend to devote it for rest and relaxation since it had been quite a while since I last went out with friends. I woke up a bit late. I went online, did bloghop to online friends' sites and immediately after lunch, I just watched TV and slept for a while. Past 5pm, I went to Gaisano Mall and met up with one of my close friends, Donna. (We're supposed to meet Love2x who's a friend too but unfortunately she got migraine attacks.) We strolled along the mall, took a peek of some fabulous items for sale. When we got hungry, we decided to have our dinner @ Sym's where I chose Breaded Porkchop as my meal. After our stomachs have been filled, we watched "The Mummy" starred by my crush Brendan Frasier. :) Finished the movie past 9pm and we headed to a coffee shop along F. Torres Street. Can't exactly recall the name of the shop but it sounds like Cups and Lowercase (if I am not mistaken, lol!). Rain poured making us stayed for a while there. It was past 11pm when we decided to get ourselves a 30-minute back massage @ a nearby spa center. I was given with a very wonderful feeling after the massage. It was like all tensions were taken away from my body. I went home feeling relaxed and immediately hit the bedroom when I arrived.

11 August 2008

My Bet For Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2

I was glad I was able to watch PDA's Gala Night last Saturday. My bet Laarnie Losala could have been voted out of the academy but I was too confident that she will still remain. True enough, she's still @ the Academy and her text votes could testify that the viewers wanted her to stay and win. Between the three (3) probationaries that included Apple and Miguel, Laarnie garnered more than 70% of the text votes while Apple and Miguel roughly got a very tight fight with a 15% share of text votes. Seems like Laarnie is on her way to stardom, isn't it? She wowed her jurors, academy teachers, and her fans with her excellent rendition of the song "Bohemian Rhapsody". At least now, Laarnie has proven her detractors wrong.

It's All About Me :)

This is a tag I got from Gles. Thanks for passing this on to me. :)


The object is to complete each of the following snippets. I have included the blank ones at the end of this post so they can easily be copied and pasted.

Participants: Startin’ A New Life, Too / All Things Me / Because Life Is Fun / Feels Like Home / My Happy Place / Iam Dzoi / Suburban Sass / To the Moon and Back / Raising Sandy / Mommy Talks / Aggie Shoots. Aggie Scraps / All Kinds of Me Stuff / The Salad Caper / Winding Creek Circle / InkBabyStudios / My Colorful World/ Random Thoughts / Explore Manila / My Online World / My Life in this Wonderful World/ In Depth /Pinay WAHM. / Small and Simple Things / My Life.... My Journey!/ My Life's Rollercoaster Ride/ YOU


I am: Marie.
I think: I deserve to have more R&R these days, lol!
I know: I am God's gift to everyone I meet.
I have: a wonderful family and friends around which money can't buy.
I wish: that there will be good news from VB this October 2008.
I hate: being rushed!
I miss: my niece!
I fear: God, and earthquakes!
I hear: music all around the room.
I smell: nothing now cos I got colds!
I crave: for sweets!
I search: for the unsearchable ONE, lol!
I wonder: how some families get to raise their 8-12 kids with the poor economy we have now.
I regret: being passive way back then.
I love: blogging!
I ache: for nothing.
I am not: a happy-go-lucky person.
I believe: firmly in GOD.
I dance: when I feel like dancing.
I sing: @ the shower too!
I cry: for sympathy at times.
I fight: for whatever is right.
I win: in some arguments, hahaha!
I lose: a dear maternal uncle who died a few months ago due to cancer.
I never: want to be rude but sometimes others would got me provoked, LOL!
I always: try to engage in a win-win situation to avoid arguments.
I confuse: ----
I listen: with a heart.
I can usually be found: @ work and at home.
I am scared: of losing my loved-ones!
I need: to unwind at times.
I am happy about: LIFE in general.
I imagine: my life savoring its best puhon2x.. :)

I am now passing this tag to Toni, Joy Burlinson, Hannah, and Anig.

10 August 2008

Be A Certified Medical Assistant in 6-8 Weeks!

I arrived home this morning from work feeling a bit drowsy. It must be the effect of the anti-nasal congestion I took this morning because of the stuffiness I felt in my nose (by the way, I still got colds!). When I switched on the TV, I’ve watched a certain news channel that simply expressed the demands of medical jobs nowadays. It’s not only nurses and doctors whose jobs are in demand today. It has been projected that medical assistant employment will be the fastest growing occupations over the years. It’s no wonder why medical assistant training has become popular these days. Some institutions even develop a medical assistant home study program that allows aspiring medical assistants to study online at their own pace and convenience. The best thing about it is that their programs have been designed and reviewed by professionals in the field that promise to give the best training ever and in 6-8 weeks, a medical assistant career awaits. Interesting, isn’t it? For those interested, enroll now and be a certified medical assistant!

08 August 2008


I got colds! I noticed that this has started when I got home 2 days ago after my 2nd graveyard shift. I got this scratchy throat and I keep on sneezing. It seems like my nose has become easily irritated. This morning, I woke up late because I got this bad physical feeling plus I got a stuffy nose accompanied with scratchy throat (still!). Right now, I do not submit myself to any medications. I drink a lot of fluids instead. I will be resting any moment from now cos I need to recharge my body for tonight's 1st 12-hour graveyard shift. This is all for now. Have a good day everyone!

Template Change :)

I changed my template today. Really, it did take a lot of courage and patience to change it and I almost got irritated because despite having a slow internet connection today, I've switched templates for like 3 times with installing all the widgets in place. I found a nice template a few hours back and I really liked it so much. However, my post dates were undefined and I never had an idea how to get them appear on my page. Well, I looked for some and glad I found this template @ Eblogtemplates. There's actually been a problem at first because my blog description didn't fit the given area. To really get everything done on my page, I finally changed my blog description to a very short one. At least now I am settled. :)

07 August 2008

Getting My Own Domain

Today, I was torn between thoughts of having my own domain or not. I was quite tempted to get one here @ Blogspot cos it only costs $10/year which is actually cheaper than other domains. Besides, I need not worry bout my PR cos Google slapped it from PR 2 to PR 0. :) However, I am still weighing things out. Care enough to tell me what are the pros and cons of having an own domain? Do I need to start all over again from templates to widgets and stuffs like that? Really got no idea how that works.. LOL! Any answer would be much appreciated. :)

A HammeRuler Survey

Finally, a hammeRuler has been conceptualized will eventually be out in the market. Getting curious about it? Read on this survey and find it out!d

06 August 2008

My Google PR Zero Rejects My BV Entry

I got a Blogvertise (BV) opp through Grab Bag Task. My first entry was rejected so I thought of making a new one which was really meant to promote the advertiser's website. However, 2nd entry was also rejected. I was being given possible reasons for rejection but those didn't fit my case cos I did follow all the instructions. Later today, I got hold of an email message from BV informing me that my posts were rejected because I already got a Google PR 0. Hmmm, sayang! Nice opp pa naman from an advertiser who made great displays for Hugo Boss, Nikon, and other famous name brands. Syang jud!

Mom Submits Herself To Lab Tests and Mammo

My parents arrived from our hometown to the city the other day with dad's purpose to renew his yearly vehicle registration and mom, to just submit herself to her routine lab tests. And yesterday, was my mom's sked to serve her purpose. Glad it was my off day yesterday and I was able to accompany her. We woke up early at 5 AM and left the house past 6 AM with her having to fast after midnight for her morning Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS). Blood was withdrawn from her veins and submitted it for FBS and creatinine. She also got her urine examined. These labs have become her outstanding routine lab work up since she's been taking her maintenance for diabetes. So glad her fasting blood sugar has gone down from her previous 10+ FBS result to 9.5 mmol (still not normal though, but at least not higher than the previous results). Her creatinine is also of normal levels while there's a (+) albumin in her urine. Later that day, mom submitted herself for mammography. No abnormalities found but is recommended that she submit herself for annual mammography. It was really a tiring day but at least my mom's purposes were served, which I too was happy about. :)

04 August 2008

Small Business Loans For You :)

Needing money to start up a new business? Or do you wish to apply for a small business loan? There’s this financial institution, the EZUNSECURED.com which offers small business loans in an easy process, fast funding and excellent service to its clients. They can get you covered with their small business financing scheme once you apply with them. If you’re in need of money now for your business needs, consult EZUNSECURED.com and get to experience an unsecured financing which is made easy for its clientele.

Remembering Relatives In Bohol

Though a bit sleepy today @ 11:30AM, my eyes were widely opened when I noticed that I got 2 missed calls recorded in my phone. One was from a colleague, and the other was from my aunt. I was quite concerned bout the latter. I sent her a message asking how are they doing and I was informed that my cousin has gone back home after weeks of leaving the house without permission. This PM, I will be taking a call to my aunt so she could relate to me and my mom the incident. I am just waiting now for her text confirmation if she's ready to take the call because she still needs to have her phone loaded with battery power. Well, thinking about them back in Bohol always makes me want to go there and spend some time with them. I just missed being there! I just missed my loved-ones back there. How I wish I could go back there soon when I can.

Life With C'elle

I was watching a news channel on TV one time when there came an issue about stem cells, a latest discovery in the field of medicine that actually holds a promise to future therapeutic developments. I even spotted someone on TV, a female, who’s having her C’elle Client Testimonial, sharing her stories about the science wonder she just discovered. When I began thinking about my family’s health welfare especially my mom, who’s a known Diabetic, I came to think of a possibility that maybe someday my mom would fully get rid of her Diabetes and be a non-diabetic for life. Apart from Diabetes, C’elle menstrual stem cells is also believed to possibly combat major diseases like heart diseases, strokes, Alzheimer's as well as cosmeceutical applications for anti-aging and wound healing. Wanna know more about C’elle Stem cell? Participate in the “Caring is Sharing” promotion, purchase C’elle and receive a free C’elle service as a gift to a best friend or a loved one! Start saving lives today and be counted!


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02 August 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy's Laarnie Losala: The Next Promising Singer?

When ABS-CBN's Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 started sometime 2 or 3 months ago, I got some glimpses of their episodes. Honestly, I was caught by Laarnie Losala's attitude, her "i-hate-myself" attitude. She had her tantrums too! Apart from those, I have witnessed on screen on how she had a hard time dealing with her co-scholars. However later on, when I got hooked to watching PDA during my off days, I could see that she has really big potentials of becoming a singer. She got this wonderful singing voice and is definitely effortless when she sings. That's when I started liking her. I then came to know that at age 15, she left her hometown in Sultan Kudarat and paved her way to Manila in search for a brighter future. Before joining PDA, it was learned that she's a student assistant @ Philippine Women's University and she's been singing to some hotels in order to support her studies. When I watched that certain gala night where she sang "You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)", I can't help but praised her for such an excellent performance. Because I want to hear her sing that piece again, I browsed it @ Youtube.com and I found even some of her music performances being uploaded by her supporters. Now I should say, Laarnie count me in!:) Am gonna be voting for you!:) You will be the Philippines' next best singing sensation!:)

Below are some of the videos I got from Youtube. My personal gratitude to Youtube, to the Youtube uploaders bronnie1122, eyecrystal, and dekloy, where I got all of these videos from...

Brillante Award

Got this award from Angelnoah and I agree with her that every blogger is unique in their own selves. Let's keep the fire burning in this blogosphere!

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Online Diva

This tag is given by Kathycot. Thank you for passing this on. :)

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01 August 2008

It's My First Year Anniversary @ Work!

Exactly the same date last year, August 1, 2007, I started working as a government employee with a goal to serve and at the same time with my personal goal to enhance my skills. Today, I am celebrating my first year anniversary in the institution where I am now employed. Thank GOD, I made it on my first year. Hope I'd be showered more with the successes I deserve as I continue to hurdle every challenge and trial encountered...

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My Disney Fanatic Niece

My niece really adores Disney Characters! She has Disney toys and even got a Disney Princess Bag. You could also catch her watching her favorite shows on Disney channel or her Disney movies on DVD if she’s not busy with school work. I can’t even forget the time she told my mom while we’re inside the mall that she wanted a fancy dress that will make her look like a princess and guess what, my mom bought her one. She just really adores Disney! I just don’t know if she’ll forever be a Disney fanatic until she gets old. I hope someday she'll consider wearing this fancy dress shown below. :)

Chasing Opps

I am in the mmod today to blog hop and of course to chase white opps at ppp. Haha! Good thing I caught at least one. I almost got the featured opp but it did slipped away. Well at least I still got some opps even if I got a zero page rank. :) Hope I could catch more!

Tag Of Four

I've been tagged by Ria. Thanks sis for this tag.. :)

Instructions: What you are supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun...Click copy/paste, type in your answers and tag four people in your lists! Don't forget to change my answers to the questions with that of your own.

(A) Four places I go over and over: workplace, church, malls, my hometown in Davao Oriental

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: Aems, Olga, Sir Jim, spammers :)

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat? Penong's, KFC, McDonalds, Marco Cafe

(D) Four places you'd rather be? NC, London, Paris, Manila

(E) Four people I think will respond: BenchieGrace, Pchi, Kerslyn, Babette

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Grey's Anatomy, 7th Heaven, CSI, Fear Factor

Now am tagging these 4 people whom I think will respond: BenchieGrace, Pchi, Kerslyn and Babette :)