04 July 2008

A Tough 2nd Day @ Work

Last night was the first time I reported for a 12-hour shift. I wasn't late. I came in just right on time. As a neophyte, I still observed how things were going. When in doubt, it is really me who's gonna ask no matter how "kulit" I would get. Glad cos I was able to help in someone else's tasks before I headed with mine. As soon as I got into accomplishing mine, I never dared to take an extra rest until at the end of my shift. As expected, there I was standing for hours with my hands, feet, and my mind working. I thought I was gonna "passed out" because I was somewhat feeling dizzy plus my eyes were totally strained. Good enough I was able to finish my tasks on time. Not really bad for a 2nd day! I am still keeping my fingers crossed, hoping and wishing that my every duty would always entail a continuous improvement in my part, till I can get adjusted to almost everything.

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