18 July 2008

SocialSpark For Mommies!

I am a blogger myself and like everyone else in this blogosphere, creating a buzz in this blogging world opens my door to a lot of opportunities. To name some, I could say that my writing skills are somehow improved. I became flexible to write stuffs of about anything. I made friends here from distant places. Of course the most exciting part is I get to earn and monetize my blog while having fun! I am really thankful to all the wonderful bloggers, especially mommy bloggers, who painstakingly answer to my every query. Ops, did I just say mommy bloggers? Yes, I mentioned mommy bloggers because they’re the closest people here to get in touch with, and let me just say that they’ve been earning through blogging. It’s actually them who reinforced me to join SocialSpark, another paid-to-blog site who instantly became famous in the blogosphere. True enough, SocialSpark is a great haven not only to so-called bloggers like me but also to mommy bloggers as well. Stay at home moms who are into blogging did benefit much from SocialSpark. Why SocialSpark? It is because SocialSpark has variety of opportunities to choose from which by far are easy for moms to blog about. With the wonderful opportunities here, I am encouraging other bloggers, especially those stay at home moms who haven’t signed up yet with SocialSpark to get an account with them and earn by blogging. I tell you, SocialSpark is a great haven where everyone can earn while having fun. So what are you waiting for mommies? Register now with SocialSpark and earn your way through blogging!

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Bloggers Recollections said...

Hi Marie, congrats for being a socialspark member. One of my domain was already approved to take opps from them, but I am still having a hard time getting around their system... I need some more time.. But their system of letting their bloggers to use "nofollow" tags is very good. Have a ncie day Marie
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Princess Vien said...

ei there.. check out my new blog..