30 July 2008

My PR Drops To Zero!

Whoa! My Google Page Rank has gone down to zero, as in PR 0! It hasn't been updated yet in my PR Checker widget found in this site but my PPP page do so. I tried checking it in other rank widgets checker, and yes, it is really PR 0. So what can I say? Well, quite disappointed though but life must go on. Besides, it's not the PR that really counts the most here but the people I came across with in this blogging world! :)


Kerslyn said...

hay, same tau ng sentiments. kaka-sad pero ok lang. better luck next time. where ka nga pala particularly dito sa Dvo?

Brief Sentiments said...

Yup it's sad but that what blogging life is. Very unpredictable to depend on being on top always. I lost the PR of my two oldest blog too. However, almost all my new sites increased it's PR and I still cannot say that it will stay there. Have a great day Marie
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