21 July 2008

My Encounter with Research Subjects In School

I wasn’t born to be a writer. In fact, I am never good in writing either. For that sole reason, I intend not to pursue a career in writing and got behavioral and medical courses instead. I never liked writing anyway. With those courses being pursued, I thought all the while that I may be freed from writing any stuffs. But I was wrong. Unluckily, I got research subjects all of which involve dissertation proposal that entails a lengthy time for conceptualization plus the fact that I and the group needs to defend that proposal so we could proceed to the completion of the entire research paper. During those trying times in research, I was on the brink of giving up. I was bothered of which research paper template to use or which research paper order to follow. We even got sleepless nights doing major editing, proofreading and making revisions. We’re just glad that we have surpassed that research subject ordeal. At least now, everything seems to be within our reach. There are professional writers online who are very much willing to do all those school written assignments and are guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism free. Plus, A+ marks are also that achievable should students avail of their services. I am just wondering why they exist just now and not when I was still in school. I could’ve sought their help.

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Raptured Dreams said...

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