10 July 2008

Glenn Beck's Site

I am always fascinated with what media has to offer, be it in print, radio or in television. Getting adept to such makes me feel relaxed and it brings me into awareness about what’s happening to the world we’re living in. Much more credit is given to fun and entertainment, plus enlightenment too! With them, dealing with life has never been lighter despite its struggles. Today, I came across Glenn Beck’s site. It talks about the Glenn Beck Program, where he reaches to the people in all media forms. It’s interesting how this man finds time to write articles on his blogs and in magazines, getting heard over radio programs, and be seen on television, with his hopes to give insights, humors or even enlightenment to the people. I even agree to his Easter message about having to say sorry. So touching story he got. Now Glenn Beck will surely empower and enlighten more with his upcoming Summer Political Tour on the 17th of July in Dallas which will be broadcasted nationally in selected movie theaters. Catch Glenn Beck and be more empowered with fun and enlightenment!

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