11 July 2008

Getting To Know LASIK

Our world has never run out of modernized technologies. Hence, LASIK technology in the world of surgery and medicine is never an exemption. Now let me try to impart updated LASIK Information the way I understand it. To start with, LASIK is the infamous vision correction procedure where 95.4% of its patients worldwide are satisfied with its results. To date, modern LASIK which combines 3D mapping and customized treatment assures optimal safety and better visual results. However, 20-25% of people are ineligible candidates especially those with thin, irregularly shaped corneas. When one is considering LASIK Technology, it is best to seek consult to a good physician. Eligible candidates will undergo a 2-hour eye exam that includes 3D mapping, customized eye wave-front measurement and corneal examination. It is best to note that LASIK is fast and is nearly painless. However, take into consideration that LASIK is surgery so recognizing benefits and risks is always essential. Serious complications are less than 1% though such as having a dry eye, seeing halos, and experiencing double vision which can mostly be resolved over time. Therapy such as eye drops to keep eye moisture can also be enforced. To end up with, let me just quote Dr. Solomon saying that “LASIK changes lives for the better. With today’s advanced technologies, there is no better time to have LASIK.”

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The Temptress said...

i had LASIK surgery done about 3-4 years ago and i'm very happy with the results! i have to admit that even if the technology has greatly improved since the days where you had to take a few days off to recover, it still was an unnerving experience. but it was worth it as i was able to drive myself to my eye check-up the very next day!