18 July 2008

Bloghopping Today!

I have not caught any opps today from Izea's triple P. Oh, too bad! I knew a lot has been benefiting from the opps, but not me. I don't know why I am not given any. Guess I am just too slow to pick them up. Anyways, I did bloghopping instead. Of course, I did not fail to promote my new blog when leaving messages in bloggers' tagboards. I just hope you guys will check out the other blog I just made. :)


ailecgee said...

Oh, same here, Marie. I'm also having a hard time on grabbing some opps from PPP. I guess we have to keep an eye on the offers 24/7 to be able to catch. (Lol).

Btw, have linked your other blog with mine. Check it out.

Marie said...

Thanks for the comment..bahala na PPP sa atin, hehehe :)