30 July 2008

Baby Stuffs!

I love kids and it is for this sole reason that I came to like baby stuffs. I may not have a kid of my own now but since the birth of my darling niece, I became fonder of baby stuffs. I can’t forget how my mom and I would shop baby stuffs for our little darling. Everything seems great for her. How much more if I’d be having my own baby someday? Oh I’d really be haunting baby stuffs just meant for a child’s safety cos safety is the number 1 priority for babies. I am glad to have come across a site that houses baby things and offers great ideas of stuffs that can assure a kid’s safety. When I came across baby cribs, my personal pick is the Deluxe Gliding Crib in white which is just meant for sleeping.

If a baby can crawl and stand with support, the Jessica Dropside Cot in white is best.

I also came across their highchairs selection and I love the colorful Polly Highchair Safari.

As for travel cots, I like Disney’s Dream ‘N Play Mobile – Pooh Bus. It is easy to set up and has the easy-fold feature.

Oh well, there are more baby stuffs housed in the site and I am just naming my personal choices. Try checking out babythings4u site which impressively gave mothers, future moms, and even gift givers an idea of where to look for quality baby stuffs!

Note: Images courtesy of babythings4u site. My gratitude goes to the company itself. :)

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