29 July 2008


My siblings are both into computers; hence they both finished computer-related courses. My brother now, aside from pursuing an engineering course, has this passion for computers and is in fact adept to do computer repairs specializing both software and hardware concerns. My sister on the other hand is also a computer buff and life could never been the same for her without computers. What about me? I really don’t know much about computers since I finished behavioral and medical courses, but at least I knew how to manipulate one, lol! But seriously, I am very much curious about this popular CISCO thingy which I heard from my siblings and from most people who get in touch with computers. I can’t forget my sister sharing her idea of pursuing a CISCO course and get herself a CISCO certification to where she finished schooling. Since curiosity knocks, I did an online research about it and I found it interesting. I never thought that networking, which I am very much amazed of, is part of the CISCO technology. Little did I know that I did benefit with this networking stuff since I started learning that one can actually chat or communicate with friends in different countries. This really amazes me! How much more with business enthusiasts with clients all over the world, who only communicates through computers? I mean this stuff is just amazing! There’s more to learn about great things offered in CISCO. That’s the reason why I keep on reading stuffs about CISCO and perhaps get a CISCO certification someday for I know that CISCO is true to its promise of changing people’s lives!

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