12 June 2008

Strollers, Wanna Have One?


My lady friend gave birth to a wonderful darling daughter in April 2008. I was asked by her mother to be her godmother on her Christening Day this June 2008. Truly indeed, I am now in the brink of pressuring myself of what to give her on that day. Then I thought about a stroller who is greatly essential in a child’s development. That’s when I remember Mutsy. I just love how this Mutsy Slider detached from the frame. Its handle is reversible so one could look at the baby from time to time. Another one which I like about Mutzy is the 4-rider “next cargo” where it is ideal for transporting infants. Should you want to check out on new, nice and affordable strollers, check Mutsy!

Sponsored by Mutsy

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