01 June 2008

"Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig"

No. It's nothing emotional or sentimental. Literally, it feels like I am carrying the world cos physically, I am having major back pains since the past few days. I even woke up this morning feeling so, so bad! I don't know why. I knew I am slightly suffering from scoliosis but the pain now becomes intolerable. Ate Divine, my great Ate at work even shared some soft massages just to make me feel relaxed. With this backaches I got, I hurriedly went to the massage parlor after work and got myself a back massage. It did give me a very soothing feeling but the pain has not been totally removed. If I felt like I was carrying the world when I woke up this morning, now I can say that I'm still carrying a heavy load like having big suitcases filled with rocks on my back! In short, mabigat pa rin ang pinasan ko sa aking likod!" Huhuhu!

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