05 June 2008

A confession

It happened many years ago and this gives me the nerve now to spill what had long been unrevealed. I was quite young when it occurred. I wasn’t in love. Just on the brink of falling though. But everything was vague. It started unclear and poof, it slipped away like bubbles too. So how it all started? I really can’t figure out how. It was so because we’re friends. Not really good friends though but you can attest I have always been a good friend to you. However, it was you who was like acting strange. I never bothered to question you with that not until I learned you’ve liked me as I am. It was just learned though but you never had the courage to express how you felt. You became involved with too many including one of the closest kin and yet you could afford to talk to me for like hours exhausting all your phone credits. Yes, I was quite hopeful bout the idea of “us” together but it was all false hopes. You never dared to come out of your shell when it was still anew. You failed to take your chances. You came out later, way too late. I became disinterested the moment you acted cowardly from the start. I could have been drawn if you just took an extra effort to reveal how you were feeling. But your chances have passed. You never proved your worth. Besides, I came to realize that I need someone who can afford to face me, who can withstand all the flaws embedded in me. We haven’t talked for years now and it is better that way. It’s a whole lot different now. You got your life to live (and a family to take care of) and I have mine too. I only have this to say, I am glad our paths have crossed.

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