28 June 2008

Messing Up With A Kid Friend :)

The first time I saw her and became our regular patient in our unit, she was already drawn closer to me. I exactly don't know what made us clicked. Perhaps it's our frequent Hi, Hello exchanges until she showed me her world. Having been inflicted with a childhood Leukemia doesn't make her less than any other children around. Except only when she's having her chemotherapy sessions which somehow limits her physical activities. Other than that, she's like a normal kid. Much more greater than other kids are because she's brilliant and speaks more maturely like adults do. So how did I mess up with this kid friend of mine? I was almost done with work last night when she, with mask covering her face, rushed to our station bringing with her her colorful pens, a wonderful ruler, and a drawing book. She showed me her nice creations using those tools. She even told me I couldn't make great creations like hers. To make our conversation more interesting, I teased her to one of my male colleagues which knowingly happens to be her crush. Shortly after she was being teased, she covered her face and cried so hard. I attempted to hug her and make her stop, but she didn't. It took almost 3o minutes to calm her down yet still sobbing. I brought her to an empty room and there we talked. I said sorry and hugged her. She told me I did a bad thing, that of teasing her. I assured her am not gonna do it again. When his father arrived, I told the story. Her father even shared the same story with me, where she also cried when being teased to her crush. When she's about to have dinner, I went home. Surprisingly, she sent me a message telling me that I was forgiven. We bade each other goodnight that night.

Well, the incident made me realized that kids' feelings should also be considered and well-addressed to, especially if they look up on you as their friends. :) Funny though but such a learning experience too!


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