27 June 2008

Just When Money Is Badly Needed...

It was August 2004 when I rushed myself to the hospital because I got an intermittent fever for more than 3 days and was suspected to have Dengue Fever. I was advised for hospital admission. I got no one to turn to financially. My parents then were in the province and needs to take a 6-7 hour trip before reaching the city. My siblings were out of town too! I was really having a financial problem then. I was wondering how I can get a private room when a hospital down payment is a requirement. I was still a student that time, a 2nd courser at that, so it’s expected that didn’t have an income. Since I badly needed money during that time, I sought help from my dad’s sister and she paid the down payment. After I was settled to my private hospital room, my mom arrived and became solely responsible financially. That time I realized it’s really hard to be financially deprived when you needed money the most. If I wanna go back to how it was before, I would have sought a financial aid from a reliable financial institution that would allow me, or even qualified individuals to benefit their cash advance scheme during emergencies. Definitely, I won’t allow such incident to happen again. Now that I am working, perhaps getting a loan till payday especially in times when you needed money the most won’t hurt at all.

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