07 June 2008

I've Been Tagged!:)

I've been tagged by Shiela. Thanks for sharing this with me. :)

1. Would you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your husband/wife?
=) No, I won't ever forgive them both!
2. Where were you last week?
=) Just here in Davao City,PH
3. Have you ever seen a live bat?
=) I think I once saw a live bath way back in childhood
4. Do you like Big Macs?
=) not really
5. Are you single?
=) yes, and still counting?hehe..:)
6. Do you like the color orange?
=) yup. I like catchy colors :)
7. Do you find it in your heart to forgive?
=) yes, I can forgive but the scar will always remain
8. Would you rather not eat or not sleep?
=) i'd rather not sleep,hehe :) cant afford not to eat..im trying to shy away my ulcers and dyspepsias..
9. Have you ever seen a real redneck?
=) not yet
10. Do you like tattoos and piercings?
=) no
11. Where was the last place you got your hair cut?
=) in a parlor somewhere downtown area
13. Do you care if people talk smack about you?
=) it depends,hehehe
14. How long do you use the phone daily?
=) not much..
15. Do you like snakes?
=) no! they scare me away!


catherine said...

Hoho, I have another tag for you too - "Six Word Memoir", hope to love it and God bless.

Maria "Ria" Jose said...

Hi! I hope you can join us at the Davao Bloggers Party this Saturday Details are at this LINK.