05 June 2008

Help me with Blogrolling Please?

Help! Gusto ko sana mabeautify ang Blogroll ko. Gusto ko yung style na may scrollbar. Can somebody help me? Marami na akong links sa Bloggers Hall of Fame Link List ko kaso di ko alam paano imanipulate ang settings para maging existent ang scrollbar. I need a step-by-step instruction on this. Can someone help me out? Kapoy na bitaw ko pangita asa dapit sa settings. Any help would be well appreciated. Leave me your YMs too, if kinakailangan. Maraming Salamat Po!


Bill & Gina said...

Hi this is bill i dont read tagalog. Do you need help with making a scroll bar for blog link list? If so let me know i will help you. Take care.

pinaysmile said...

marie, gusto mo ba like mine style na scroll down? tell if like that kind i will email u the code.

Marie said...

@ pinaysmile: yep,gusto ko yung scrolldown style..mind telling me how to do it? :)

Marie said...

@ bill @ gina: yep,need help on how can i make the scrolldown bar for my blog link list..thanks for the comment and hope you both could help me with it :)

Bill & Gina said...

if you still need help try this. Go to your page lay out. Then go to edit html then go to your side bar content and add this script to your blog roll.

I hope that helps have a great weekend my friend.