25 June 2008

Heavy Rainfalls. Tropical Storm "Frank". The Capsized Princess of The Stars.

I have written an entry a few months back about cyclone hitting Myanmar and the catastrophic earthquake that devastated China. With my writing on the said entry, I felt how the majority were feeling during the account of those two natural calamities hitting the world. The past few months here in the Philippines, it has been raining on and off. I can't forget how my friend, Beth who happens to be living in Dagupan up north of the country shared how floods have come to attack Pangasinan approximately a month ago. She recounted how heavy rains have poured and how the plowing fields have been reportedly flooded. She was even afraid that their roofs might gave in to that incessantly heavy rainfall. The past few weeks, I got my own share of stories about heavy rains too! Major city streets have become flooded causing the general public to become stranded. Landslides have also occurred to some Davao areas. I even shared how I was afraid that our drainage area might have collapsed because of strong water current. Rainfalls repeatedly happened for the past few days accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms. I am just glad that Davao City, though is experiencing heavy rainfalls, is fortunate enough not to be a part of the calamity areas hit by the recent tropical storm, Frank.

Yes, tropical storm Frank has slapped a lot of cities and municipalities in the Philippines into a calamity zone. Majority of the Filipinos who happened to experience the devastating tropical storm have suffered. Houses and belongings were carried away by flood. Scarcity of food took place. I pity those children who got to experience the harshness brought about by the storm. And the most painful part that recently happened which touched so many lives was the capsized Sulpicio Line's Princess of the Stars ship which took place about a mile off the shore of Sibuyan Island. It was reported that the MV Princess of the Stars sailed its way from Manila and was heading to Cebu amidst the signal number 1 weather report from port of origin involving the tropical rainstorm Frank. It reportedly had 749 passengers and crew aboard. As of this writing, 33 survivors have been rescued. Many died though, and still efforts have been made to rescue the people in that capsized vessel. To obtain more information, news updates and videos about the tropical rainstorm hitting the country and the capsized MV Princess of the Stars, please click here to direct you to the CNN Site (thanks CNN).

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