16 June 2008

Heavy Rainfalls Hitting Davao

It has been raining the past few days. The scorching heat of the sun may be present on a daytime but when the rain pours at night or even at dawn, it seemed like its the worst rainfall that ever happened. I can't forget how the past week's heavy rainfall made some Davao areas became flooded. Lucky was I cos I was home and was savoring my rest day. I was quite worried for my sister though, whom I knew is not fond of bringing an umbrella and not even a jacket with her. She called up that one rainy night informing us that she'd be home late for she's waiting when the water would ceased the area. Terrible rains really! Just this morning, I was awakened again by a heavy vigorous rainfall at around 5:30AM. It's like nature has become pissed off with the world. Rains poured so hard that I can't even hear myself talking to our "kasambahay" here. I was even afraid that our very own canal will be damaged by the water's strong current. I then thought of how it's like the situation there in downtown area. The city proper including the Bajada areas got poor drainage systems. After a few hours, the rain has stopped. Now am glad cos finally the sun is out. Hope heavy rains won't be hitting us in the next coming days.

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