19 June 2008

Exhibits and Trade Shows

I love exhibits and trade shows! It always amazes me how an organizer makes everything possible to reap a successful accomplishment to it. I wonder how they get into conceptualizing and planning those events and get to materialize them on their target dates.

Personally, I have always wanted to take part in the production of exhibits and trade shows. I know its never gonna be hard as long as the production staff have all the manpower and the resources to keep it going. Besides, there are some businesses catering to the needs of all these exhibits and trade shows.

As of today, it is never hard finding trade show booths for trade and exhibit shows. So goes with table skirts too! Table covers can be printed with either the logo of the show or a simple artwork that the customer desires. Banners with great banner stands can also be easily sought on how the customers wanted to make them appear on display. If one is organizing a trade show, a lot prefers pipe and drape to be used in making trade show booths. It allows exhibitors enough space for what they wanna show the public.

Oh how I wish I can be a part of an exhibit and a trade show production! I wouldn’t mind spending some time to look for trade show booths, table covers, and banners, and even pipes and drapes too!

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Keith said...

Maayong buntag, lady!... I was touring through my blog, and saw yer comment from a long time ago, wanted to say hello

I love blogging with my friends in the durian capitol of tghe world.

When is the next durian trade show...