21 June 2008

Cold Saturday...

It has been a cold Saturday today. I really wanted to spend sometime just curling under my blanket but I had a meeting that was on early this morning. I lazily stood up from bed and got myself a shower. I was really freezing cold inside the bathroom. I was supposed to be wearing a long-sleeved blouse but I thought the sun might come out later in the day. Unfortunately, it didn't come out. I was again feeling so cold inside the hotel's function room were the meeting was. Good thing I was near that LCD stuff where a hot air blew from its exhaust feature. I was being saved from feeling cold. When the meeting was off, my friends and I tried to spend some time loitering inside a mall. I still felt the same, and so were they. As we went out of the mall earlier, coldness still envelops us, and even up to where I am now. I'd be home in a while and I can't wait to wrap and curl myself again under my thick blanket. Such a cold day indeed!

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