28 June 2008

Messing Up With A Kid Friend :)

The first time I saw her and became our regular patient in our unit, she was already drawn closer to me. I exactly don't know what made us clicked. Perhaps it's our frequent Hi, Hello exchanges until she showed me her world. Having been inflicted with a childhood Leukemia doesn't make her less than any other children around. Except only when she's having her chemotherapy sessions which somehow limits her physical activities. Other than that, she's like a normal kid. Much more greater than other kids are because she's brilliant and speaks more maturely like adults do. So how did I mess up with this kid friend of mine? I was almost done with work last night when she, with mask covering her face, rushed to our station bringing with her her colorful pens, a wonderful ruler, and a drawing book. She showed me her nice creations using those tools. She even told me I couldn't make great creations like hers. To make our conversation more interesting, I teased her to one of my male colleagues which knowingly happens to be her crush. Shortly after she was being teased, she covered her face and cried so hard. I attempted to hug her and make her stop, but she didn't. It took almost 3o minutes to calm her down yet still sobbing. I brought her to an empty room and there we talked. I said sorry and hugged her. She told me I did a bad thing, that of teasing her. I assured her am not gonna do it again. When his father arrived, I told the story. Her father even shared the same story with me, where she also cried when being teased to her crush. When she's about to have dinner, I went home. Surprisingly, she sent me a message telling me that I was forgiven. We bade each other goodnight that night.

Well, the incident made me realized that kids' feelings should also be considered and well-addressed to, especially if they look up on you as their friends. :) Funny though but such a learning experience too!

27 June 2008

Just When Money Is Badly Needed...

It was August 2004 when I rushed myself to the hospital because I got an intermittent fever for more than 3 days and was suspected to have Dengue Fever. I was advised for hospital admission. I got no one to turn to financially. My parents then were in the province and needs to take a 6-7 hour trip before reaching the city. My siblings were out of town too! I was really having a financial problem then. I was wondering how I can get a private room when a hospital down payment is a requirement. I was still a student that time, a 2nd courser at that, so it’s expected that didn’t have an income. Since I badly needed money during that time, I sought help from my dad’s sister and she paid the down payment. After I was settled to my private hospital room, my mom arrived and became solely responsible financially. That time I realized it’s really hard to be financially deprived when you needed money the most. If I wanna go back to how it was before, I would have sought a financial aid from a reliable financial institution that would allow me, or even qualified individuals to benefit their cash advance scheme during emergencies. Definitely, I won’t allow such incident to happen again. Now that I am working, perhaps getting a loan till payday especially in times when you needed money the most won’t hurt at all.

25 June 2008

Heavy Rainfalls. Tropical Storm "Frank". The Capsized Princess of The Stars.

I have written an entry a few months back about cyclone hitting Myanmar and the catastrophic earthquake that devastated China. With my writing on the said entry, I felt how the majority were feeling during the account of those two natural calamities hitting the world. The past few months here in the Philippines, it has been raining on and off. I can't forget how my friend, Beth who happens to be living in Dagupan up north of the country shared how floods have come to attack Pangasinan approximately a month ago. She recounted how heavy rains have poured and how the plowing fields have been reportedly flooded. She was even afraid that their roofs might gave in to that incessantly heavy rainfall. The past few weeks, I got my own share of stories about heavy rains too! Major city streets have become flooded causing the general public to become stranded. Landslides have also occurred to some Davao areas. I even shared how I was afraid that our drainage area might have collapsed because of strong water current. Rainfalls repeatedly happened for the past few days accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms. I am just glad that Davao City, though is experiencing heavy rainfalls, is fortunate enough not to be a part of the calamity areas hit by the recent tropical storm, Frank.

Yes, tropical storm Frank has slapped a lot of cities and municipalities in the Philippines into a calamity zone. Majority of the Filipinos who happened to experience the devastating tropical storm have suffered. Houses and belongings were carried away by flood. Scarcity of food took place. I pity those children who got to experience the harshness brought about by the storm. And the most painful part that recently happened which touched so many lives was the capsized Sulpicio Line's Princess of the Stars ship which took place about a mile off the shore of Sibuyan Island. It was reported that the MV Princess of the Stars sailed its way from Manila and was heading to Cebu amidst the signal number 1 weather report from port of origin involving the tropical rainstorm Frank. It reportedly had 749 passengers and crew aboard. As of this writing, 33 survivors have been rescued. Many died though, and still efforts have been made to rescue the people in that capsized vessel. To obtain more information, news updates and videos about the tropical rainstorm hitting the country and the capsized MV Princess of the Stars, please click here to direct you to the CNN Site (thanks CNN).

22 June 2008

A New Environment, A New Challenge...

I dearly loved the workplace that welcomed me 10 months ago. With my 10-month stay, I am proud to say that I have loved the entire duration of it. I have come to appreciate more the people I get to meet, and I clearly appreciate my every moment spent in that four-walled corners in the ward. However, there is nothing permanent. Soon, I will be leaving my beloved workplace and I am up again for a new challenge in a new environment. I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I only now hope for a smooth sailing duties at work and all I wanted to gain right away is the support of each staff and of course I hope I may be welcomed in the same way as I was welcomed 10 months ago.

21 June 2008

Cold Saturday...

It has been a cold Saturday today. I really wanted to spend sometime just curling under my blanket but I had a meeting that was on early this morning. I lazily stood up from bed and got myself a shower. I was really freezing cold inside the bathroom. I was supposed to be wearing a long-sleeved blouse but I thought the sun might come out later in the day. Unfortunately, it didn't come out. I was again feeling so cold inside the hotel's function room were the meeting was. Good thing I was near that LCD stuff where a hot air blew from its exhaust feature. I was being saved from feeling cold. When the meeting was off, my friends and I tried to spend some time loitering inside a mall. I still felt the same, and so were they. As we went out of the mall earlier, coldness still envelops us, and even up to where I am now. I'd be home in a while and I can't wait to wrap and curl myself again under my thick blanket. Such a cold day indeed!

19 June 2008

Exhibits and Trade Shows

I love exhibits and trade shows! It always amazes me how an organizer makes everything possible to reap a successful accomplishment to it. I wonder how they get into conceptualizing and planning those events and get to materialize them on their target dates.

Personally, I have always wanted to take part in the production of exhibits and trade shows. I know its never gonna be hard as long as the production staff have all the manpower and the resources to keep it going. Besides, there are some businesses catering to the needs of all these exhibits and trade shows.

As of today, it is never hard finding trade show booths for trade and exhibit shows. So goes with table skirts too! Table covers can be printed with either the logo of the show or a simple artwork that the customer desires. Banners with great banner stands can also be easily sought on how the customers wanted to make them appear on display. If one is organizing a trade show, a lot prefers pipe and drape to be used in making trade show booths. It allows exhibitors enough space for what they wanna show the public.

Oh how I wish I can be a part of an exhibit and a trade show production! I wouldn’t mind spending some time to look for trade show booths, table covers, and banners, and even pipes and drapes too!

Haven't Been Bloghopping Lately!

It's still a no PC day for us at home. Our PC which happens to be connected with the Internet got into trouble. Monitor isn't working still. My bro's PC on the other hand has no internet in it. Well, I just saw my siblings trying to fix them cos they're both good at it. So what's the fuzz with having no PC? Can't bloghop more often! Can't catch some opps too! Hope PC will be fixed pretty soon.. Pasensya na po co-bloggers..Don't worry, be bloghopping when I can,ok? :)

Having One's Car Insured

Long before, I always wanted to know how to drive. When I learned about the basics in driving courtesy of a local driving school here, I became so engrossed with the thought that owning a car which has become a necessity these days have become one of the dreams I wish to be materialized in time. I never realized that owning and driving one’s own car entails a lot of responsibilities to take care of not until my dad explained to me what stuffs are to be done when one is having a car. Part of the things he told me was to have the car insured to a reliable auto car insurance, where every car owner need not worry over the unexpected events that might have happened concerning their cars. I wasn’t really aware of the other reasons for having the car insured until I found a site that solely talks about auto car insurance. CarInsuranceRates.com offers answers to my queries. Plus, the site also got a car insurance guide with all informative articles housed in there. Lucky are also those in the United States cos they also offer the best auto insurance quote in every state. I just wish there’s one like CarInsuranceRates.com version here in the Philippines where I can also get the best quotes in town.

18 June 2008

No PC Days :(

Our PC got into trouble since yesterday! Just as I turned it on, no display was found in the monitor. Too bad really for I got used to manipulating it more often during my free time. My hours were just wasted. I could have hop and catch on some opps. Now I am trying to go online in a nearby cafe. But it sure would be worth the while if our monitor would get back to normal.

16 June 2008

Heavy Rainfalls Hitting Davao

It has been raining the past few days. The scorching heat of the sun may be present on a daytime but when the rain pours at night or even at dawn, it seemed like its the worst rainfall that ever happened. I can't forget how the past week's heavy rainfall made some Davao areas became flooded. Lucky was I cos I was home and was savoring my rest day. I was quite worried for my sister though, whom I knew is not fond of bringing an umbrella and not even a jacket with her. She called up that one rainy night informing us that she'd be home late for she's waiting when the water would ceased the area. Terrible rains really! Just this morning, I was awakened again by a heavy vigorous rainfall at around 5:30AM. It's like nature has become pissed off with the world. Rains poured so hard that I can't even hear myself talking to our "kasambahay" here. I was even afraid that our very own canal will be damaged by the water's strong current. I then thought of how it's like the situation there in downtown area. The city proper including the Bajada areas got poor drainage systems. After a few hours, the rain has stopped. Now am glad cos finally the sun is out. Hope heavy rains won't be hitting us in the next coming days.

15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day!:)

To my special Dad,
Thanks so much for everything..
Thanks for the all-out support you have given me since birth..
Thanks for making me realize all my mistakes
And for helping me become what I am now..

I am hoping that you be given good health..
I pray that you will always take good care of yourself
And am always hoping that our family bond be more tighter under your care..

I love you Papa Enes!:)

12 June 2008

"Paalam Daboy"

I am just his avid fan. Can't forget that day when I personally had a glimpse of him during the MMFF Star Parade that took place years ago. He had been healthy and so good-looking when I saw him in person. I never imagined he could be having that BIG C. For the past 2 years, he had been vigorously undergoing treatments and spent some time to rest but that BIG C didn't pave off. He died at 6:15 AM of June 7, 2008 at his home residence. The death of Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez is a big loss to the showbiz industry. He had made a remarkable name in the industry. And to top everything, I know he was a good man. I may not knew him personally but the good things he had done for his family, friends and his fans were enough to identify on how he had lived his life to the fullest. As his fan, I would just like to simply say "Paalam Daboy."

Note: Moments ago, his body has been laid to rest at The Heritage Park in Taguig City. Watching its coverage did trigger me to make a post entry about "Daboy." My sincerest gratitude to ABS-CBN News Online for the photo I got here in my entry. To view ABS-CBN's online news about "Daboy", please click here.

Strollers, Wanna Have One?


My lady friend gave birth to a wonderful darling daughter in April 2008. I was asked by her mother to be her godmother on her Christening Day this June 2008. Truly indeed, I am now in the brink of pressuring myself of what to give her on that day. Then I thought about a stroller who is greatly essential in a child’s development. That’s when I remember Mutsy. I just love how this Mutsy Slider detached from the frame. Its handle is reversible so one could look at the baby from time to time. Another one which I like about Mutzy is the 4-rider “next cargo” where it is ideal for transporting infants. Should you want to check out on new, nice and affordable strollers, check Mutsy!

Sponsored by Mutsy

11 June 2008

Caregiver: The Movie

I know its kinda late for me to be blogging about this cos this hit movie starred by Sharon Cuneta is now on its 2nd week since it opened in theaters. As they say, it's better late than never!:) Going back to the movie, perhaps it's really a movie that can touch someone's lives especially those who can relate to it. I haven't seen it yet but I know I can relate much to it cos am into a caregiving job. The trailer itself made me review back my past encounters with patients who were kinda harsh when all you wanna do is to make them comfortable at all times. Hmmm, can't wait to view the movie in the big screen. I know it will still be running til next month.

If you're interested more about Caregiver, please click here.

When Medicines Are Needed

The past few days, I was feeling sick. I got colds and dry cough, and so were my siblings. Viruses might have been too lucky to have the 3 of us got into sneezing and coughing. During those sick moments, how I wish I had contacted www.magicxpharmacy.com - online pharmacy which is made available 24/7 to the public and gets to have medications delivered right to our very own homes. If so, I could have been freed from worrying over our medications. Well at least now I came to know that there’s an existent and reliable online pharmacy that could assist the public in their medical needs.

07 June 2008

I've Been Tagged!:)

I've been tagged by Shiela. Thanks for sharing this with me. :)

1. Would you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your husband/wife?
=) No, I won't ever forgive them both!
2. Where were you last week?
=) Just here in Davao City,PH
3. Have you ever seen a live bat?
=) I think I once saw a live bath way back in childhood
4. Do you like Big Macs?
=) not really
5. Are you single?
=) yes, and still counting?hehe..:)
6. Do you like the color orange?
=) yup. I like catchy colors :)
7. Do you find it in your heart to forgive?
=) yes, I can forgive but the scar will always remain
8. Would you rather not eat or not sleep?
=) i'd rather not sleep,hehe :) cant afford not to eat..im trying to shy away my ulcers and dyspepsias..
9. Have you ever seen a real redneck?
=) not yet
10. Do you like tattoos and piercings?
=) no
11. Where was the last place you got your hair cut?
=) in a parlor somewhere downtown area
13. Do you care if people talk smack about you?
=) it depends,hehehe
14. How long do you use the phone daily?
=) not much..
15. Do you like snakes?
=) no! they scare me away!

A Simple Work Of Art That Denotes Love :)

This is a simple work of art proudly given by a kid patient who's suffering from childhood cancer. Nice, isn't it? I feel flattered knowing that she really found time to draw this just for me. My name may have been misspelled but its the effort and the thought that counts. I am just fond of this kid, and am hoping, wishing, and praying that her life be spared. I am hoping, wishing and praying too that she'll be responsive with her treatment. Ate (that's what I'm calling her), you will always be included in my prayers. Everybody cares a lot for you. The world is needing a person as precious as you.

06 June 2008

Getting Busy with Multiply! :)

I was into Multiply way back then. Even got a few accounts but didn't get to manage them. Somehow those accounts became idle and worst is, can't even retrieve or remember my usernames and passwords. Recently, some friends have invited me to view them via Multiply but there are some photo albums I can't view. I was told that I'd better get an account and become their contacts. That's how I got into Multiply (again!) and this time, it's making me busy (hahaha!). Am glad am off for work now and I can have enough time to upload some pics. :)

05 June 2008

Got An Award!:)

Got this award from Pinaysmile. Thanks so much for this award. :)

I am passing this award to Sheng, Shimumsy, Anne and Marie. :)

Help me with Blogrolling Please?

Help! Gusto ko sana mabeautify ang Blogroll ko. Gusto ko yung style na may scrollbar. Can somebody help me? Marami na akong links sa Bloggers Hall of Fame Link List ko kaso di ko alam paano imanipulate ang settings para maging existent ang scrollbar. I need a step-by-step instruction on this. Can someone help me out? Kapoy na bitaw ko pangita asa dapit sa settings. Any help would be well appreciated. Leave me your YMs too, if kinakailangan. Maraming Salamat Po!

A confession

It happened many years ago and this gives me the nerve now to spill what had long been unrevealed. I was quite young when it occurred. I wasn’t in love. Just on the brink of falling though. But everything was vague. It started unclear and poof, it slipped away like bubbles too. So how it all started? I really can’t figure out how. It was so because we’re friends. Not really good friends though but you can attest I have always been a good friend to you. However, it was you who was like acting strange. I never bothered to question you with that not until I learned you’ve liked me as I am. It was just learned though but you never had the courage to express how you felt. You became involved with too many including one of the closest kin and yet you could afford to talk to me for like hours exhausting all your phone credits. Yes, I was quite hopeful bout the idea of “us” together but it was all false hopes. You never dared to come out of your shell when it was still anew. You failed to take your chances. You came out later, way too late. I became disinterested the moment you acted cowardly from the start. I could have been drawn if you just took an extra effort to reveal how you were feeling. But your chances have passed. You never proved your worth. Besides, I came to realize that I need someone who can afford to face me, who can withstand all the flaws embedded in me. We haven’t talked for years now and it is better that way. It’s a whole lot different now. You got your life to live (and a family to take care of) and I have mine too. I only have this to say, I am glad our paths have crossed.

04 June 2008

Still Sleepless!

I am still sleepless up to this very hour. I have slept for quite an hour though after I arrived from work this morning, but still it wasn't enough. I really have a hard time adjusting to this for months now. As a day person, I just can't get a very sound sleep during the day. I even consumed a glass of warm milk prior to sleeping cos it has been said that it contains serotonin which can send me off to sleepland but still it wasn't working on me. I am still up for now with eyes widely open! Just hoping I could sleep later for at least an hour or two. Hahayzzz!

What My Credit Card Would Be Like?

They say that owning a credit card gives each person a convenient way of living because all one could do is just bring that magic card for any payment purposes. I certainly agree though but I knew how it’s going to be a pain in the neck when one could get to realize how their credits have skyrocketed to a high amount. If I get to own a credit card someday, I’d like to get one which could be beneficial on my part. I am getting that Credit Card Offers Low Interest scheme. Who else doesn’t like to be given a low interest rate on his balance? And one more thing, I’d like to avail that 0% Credit Card Balance Transfers which is not made available in some major credit card companies. I knew someday financial companies would offer me various credit cards for subscriptions but surely I’d only opt for that credit card that offers the lowest interest rate ever!

03 June 2008

So,So Love Music!

Started my day singing. Woke up singing and humming my favorite Patty Austin song. When I turned on this pc, I thought of changing my blogspot page song. I came across Kalapana's "Real Thing" song and I so love its lyrics! The song explains my current mood and feeling now (whew!). I decided to make it as my site song. By the way, I am sharing my Imeem playlists to all bloggers who happen to be music fanatics. You can check them out in my left side bar. Those songs are my personal faves. Happy listening!:)

02 June 2008

My Back Still Hurts!

I have been complaining of back pains lately. Still woke up today feeling the same. But I've changed one thing, I am not slouching anymore. Slouching does provokes pain. I am like a robot now, walking and doing things like am part of a military formation. I hope I'd be getting its relief pretty soon.

Hopeless Romantic ME?

I don't know. I just can't really tell if I am. I am neither in a relationship but I am a sucker for love (just the idea of LOVE with no particular person involved) and oh how I love mushy love songs! Just listening to them gives me a very soothing feeling that brings me to LoveLand. :) I don't know how a few would react to this blah blahs of mine since they might thought that I am a man-hater for some statements that were coming out incessantly from my mouth. If they only knew. Tsk.Tsk.Tsk :) Now I am feeling mushy while writing this. It is for this reason that I am including Lea Salonga's song here in my site,lol!:) Hahayzz! Kakainlove ang song!:)

01 June 2008

"Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig"

No. It's nothing emotional or sentimental. Literally, it feels like I am carrying the world cos physically, I am having major back pains since the past few days. I even woke up this morning feeling so, so bad! I don't know why. I knew I am slightly suffering from scoliosis but the pain now becomes intolerable. Ate Divine, my great Ate at work even shared some soft massages just to make me feel relaxed. With this backaches I got, I hurriedly went to the massage parlor after work and got myself a back massage. It did give me a very soothing feeling but the pain has not been totally removed. If I felt like I was carrying the world when I woke up this morning, now I can say that I'm still carrying a heavy load like having big suitcases filled with rocks on my back! In short, mabigat pa rin ang pinasan ko sa aking likod!" Huhuhu!

Good Luck NLE Takers!:)

I was in a hurry this morning to get myself a ride so I won't be late for work when I noticed plenty of people in white uniform also rushing to get a ride like me. I thought they're having an activity in school or in a certain institution but I realized it's a Sunday. Then I came to notice the brown envelops with them and some even brought "baons" or packed meals. That scenario gave me an instant idea that today is the start of the 2-day Nurse Licensure Examinations (NLE). I knew some became fearsome and terrified of the test but if it's given with ample preparation and resorted to the power of prayer, then I knew everything would turn out to be right. Good Luck NLE takers!