08 May 2008

"WHen Love Begins"

Supposedly yesterday, I'd be hitting a beauty parlor to have my toenails done. However, the gloomy look from the sky and the drizzles I noticed prevented me to. Instead, I went home after my purpose had been served @ Smart Communications-Gaisano Mall. When I got home, I readily decided to watch movies online and that's how I got to watch "When Love Begins" on a certain Pinoy Site. Oh how I love Anne Curtis portraying Mitch in the film!:) It resembles my personality in a way,lol!:)


Paula said...

I also interested in that movie. Can you give me link where you watched it?

Marie said...

@ Paula: Try checking http://ovguide.com Once you're in the site, find an asian category and it will direct you to pinoycentral site..Look for the movie in there..:)