15 May 2008

What's up World?

Note: above shows a wrecked building when earthquake struck China; 2nd pic shows the fallen branches of a tree when cyclone hit Myanmar

I was never aware with what's happening to the world not until I set my very eyes lately on international news channels like CNN and BBC with their freshest breaking news for its viewers. It is sad to note that our fellowmen suffers from the aftermath of the natural calamities that hit them. There's that violent cyclone leaving the lives of the Myanmar countrymen miserable. A lot of people died and left thousands of people homeless now wanting food and shelter. Shortly days after the Myanmar incident, a very horrifying news struck the world again about the disastrous 7.6 magnitude earthquake hitting China which took away the many lives of the people. As of the moment, bodies being trapped on buildings are still being recovered. The devastating cyclone hitting Myanmar and the killer earthquake that struck China will forever be embedded in the hearts of those who became a part of it. Yes, so sad to have these calamities happening but there's nothing we can do about it. They're natural calamities and some are even unpredictable. Challenge now here is to really take good care of Mother Nature and to keep our FAITH in GOD burning cos I believe that MIRACLES can happen with the power of prayer.

Note: pics courtesy of BBC and Yahoo News


Bill & Gina said...

You are very right there is problems all over the world. We never know what is going to happen from day to day. Like you said we need to just keep our eyes on God and ask him to take care of us day by day. Take care great site.

Anonymous said...

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