20 May 2008

Visiting Ireland

Ireland is one of the famous European countries I want to go to. I am just amazed of how progress and development slapped Europe’s 3rd largest island. I love the friendly scenic spots, the nice buildings, the infamous church buildings, museums, the key cities which are part of Ireland’s greatest attractions and of course I want to embrace the comfort provided by Ireland Hotels.

Grand Canal, Dublin

One of Irish National Botanic Garden's view in Dublin

I would love to visit Dublin, the country's capital. I would not mind staying in Dublin Hotels just to take a glimpse of the Grand Canal or take a tour at the Irish National Botanic Gardens.

Paying a visit to Cork, Ireland’s 2nd largest city would also be a great destination too! Staying at Cork Hotels for 2 or 3 days is perhaps enough to take a tour of the city. I would love to take a peek of Cork’s notable architectural buildings along St. Patrick’s Street and to the rest of Cork. The Cork City Hall has been famous for its illuminative view at night which I don’t really want to miss should I get the chance to visit Cork. I also want to include visiting Shannon, a new and progressive town in County Clare, Ireland. I would not mind staying at Shannon Hotels just as long as I can feast my eyes seeing the town’s major attractions. Hmm, I guess it can be a tiring Ireland escapade but surely it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

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